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What is the down side of roasting, baking or cooking vegetables whole?

Asked by flo (11459points) 3 months ago

That is, other than it would take longer if whole? Is there any reason it could cause anything against one’s health? Why would it be better to cut at least in half, lengthwise?
I have fruits in the topic box for tomatoes.

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Healthwise, not a problem.

Depending on the water content of the vegetable, it could explode.

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@elbanditoroso Do you happen to have a link that there is no problem healthwise.

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I’m completely puzzled as to why you even think there might be a health problem @flo.

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Many recipes call for vegetables to be sliced into smaller pieces so that they cook through without overcooking the outer layer. It isn’t because of health reasons.

A large vegetable cooked whole won’t make you sick, but may be difficult to digest. Others, like a butternut squash, need to have the seeds cleaned out, and that is easier to do before cooking rather than after.

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It won’t cook evenly if you cook them whole. The outside will be burned/overcooked, and the inside would be raw or undercooked.

Here is how to roast vegetables in the oven:

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I just made fresh pumpkin pies this weekend and cut them in half for baking, 45 minutes for a large pumpkin was about perfect. I just used a baking sheet with a slightly raised edge to catch the liquid.

So as long as you follow directions or cut in half, shouldn’t be an issue.

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@All, I didn’t add one detail. I don’t mean every time you cook something whole, something harmful would happen. I mean what would lead someone to say, try to make sure you cut lengthwise in (2 at least) just in case (dot dot dot, a very unlikely occurrence but still harmful) What is the dot dot dot?

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Once again Flo, I have no idea what you are asking.

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