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Which is most delicious, chicken, turkey or duck?

Asked by mazingerz88 (24451points) November 22nd, 2018 from iPhone

As asked.

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Clearly subjective, but for me…

Duck is a rare treat. Thai Crispy Duck specifically.

Turkey is only once a year at Thanksgiving. I love it, but I’m good until the next year.

Chicken now…chicken is the workhorse of foul. I like it too many ways to count. Parmesan, scolapini, stuffed, roasted with vegetables, soup, and on an on.

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It’s a matter of taste, no doubt.

Duck is more fatty.

Turkey, to me, has a more robust taste that chicken. Especially if it was roasted or marinated. But the key factor is preparation and spicing.

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Goose, if you’re willing to put the work in. :-P

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Duck slow roasted over charcoal.

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^^ Happen to agree. Roasted duck with orange sauce, love it.

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Duck, followed by chicken.
Fuck turkey.

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Why not have the best of all three worlds and make turducken? :)

Duck > Turkey > Chicken in my opinion. Never been a big chicken fan.

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Turkey or chicken, as long as it’s prepared right, and not dried out.

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Chicken, with the one exception of turkey when my exboyfriend’s mom made it. Her turkey was not eaten with gravy. She used pork fat, salt, garlic, and I don’t know what else, and it was cut in chunks, not thin slices. No gravy, it wasn’t meant to be eaten with gravy. It was moist, and we ate it with rice, or sometimes little baked new potatoes. It was delicious.

Her turkey was made throughout the year for parties, it wasn’t a Thanksgiving or Christmas thing, although sometimes she did make it in those holidays.

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I love turkey, but chicken can be prepared in a number of wonderful ways.
Duck is good, but too often too greasy.

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In 2012 my daughter fixed the turkey. That woman is a master chef. This turkey, and I kid you now, when you cut into it the juices flowed out of it. It was like a commercial. I have never tasted turkey as good as that.
Of course, that was just a week after I had gotten out of the hospital, after almost dying. so I wasn’t quite recovered….and I suddenly lost it all. :/ All that delicious food down the drain. Literally.

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To be honest, I’ve never had duck and I feel pretty equally about chicken and turkey.

Chicken is obviously the most versatile, I love chicken noodle soup, BBQ chicken wings, teriyaki, and chicken tikka masala but prefer turkey when it comes to sandwiches.
Both are dynamite smoked!

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BBQ duck. love the skin and fat.

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“Fuck turkey.”

Most Armenians feel the same way. ;-)

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I like turkey.

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As do the Kurds.

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I think most people dislike turducken because of the first 4 letters. ;-)

I apologize if I’ve spoiled anyone’s appetite, but hey, who among can’t afford to lose a few pounds?

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I dislike turducken because it sounds positively gross and what a waste.

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