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What to do if you know your girl is cheating on you?

Asked by TysonEdwards (126points) July 28th, 2007 from iPhone

i have been seeing someone for the past 9 months. When we started off, I told her that if for any reason she wanted to be with someone else on top of me, then so be it. I just wanted to know that they existed and who they were.

It doesnt bother me that she sees someone else as I am really not a jealous person... the problem is that she has been telling me that she has been seeing a female friend of hers when that same friend says that they hadn't spoken in a few weeks. Then, the friend said that she knee that my girlfriend was hanging out with another guy for the AST few weeks.

Also, I was friends with the other friend well before the two of us started dating.

So, at a bare minimum, she is lying to me, and that is the only thing that I told her that I would not stand for.

What should I do?

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personally i wouldnt want to be in a dishonest relationship
I think your other friend might be right that your girlfriends is cheating on you
unless you are ok with ur gf dating another man, i would break up with her

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DTB (Dump That Byotch)

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Talk to her. Then you can decide if you want to break up with her, based on the new information that you get.

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sjg has good advice. Ask her directly whether she's been seeing this other person. Have a conversation.

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The answer was, "yes, yes I am. Are you happy now knowing the truth?"

The moral of the story is that she has been openly betraying me for the past month.

Because if it, she left; for which I am unbelievably glad. I mean if she can't follow my simple rule of just telling the truth, even when I tell her it is okay to do whatever the hell she feels like, then good riddence!

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Good move, and sorry to hear that. At least you got the truth. Move on. I have been there, you don't have honesty, you don't have anything.

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What an I said before DTB and good luck.

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"See ya baby!"

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Break it off, confront her, dump her.

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uhhh its quite obvious
break up with her
c ya
wouldnt wanna be ya
i hate cheaters with a passion
there not worth the time or the heartache

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She will do it to you for the rest of your relationship. Run away. Dump her.

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