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Is it bad or evil to still fantasize about young female bodies for men in their 70s and 80s?

Asked by mazingerz88 (26396points) November 23rd, 2018 from iPhone

Young women above 18 specifically.

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Just shows your still alive.

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Yes. It is disgusting.
By that age, they should already be necrophiles.

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It would totally creep out any woman who knew it was happening.

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Nothing wrong with it. They’re trying to relive (or at least remember) their carefree days when life was fun. Where’s the harm in fantasizing about nubile young female bodies?

@Dutchess_III the OP asked about fantasizing… it’s unlikely the woman (women) would be aware that they’re being fantasized about.

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I guess that would depend on if he was actually looking at the woman at the time. It’s usually pretty easy to tell what’s on a man’s mind.

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Fantasize all you want, we’re not (well, most of us aren’t) the Thought Police. just keep it ALL to yourself.

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During my twenties I had several men “admit” to me they fantasized about me, asking if that was okay.
I suppose their confessions were in hopes I would act on that? I always said the same thing.
Just keep it to yourself, I don’t wanna hear details. Don’t fantasize me sloppy, because I am hella good.
Men that old never asked me, but I would say the same.
Actually come to think of it, been asked by at least one woman too.

Thoughts are the property of the person having them.

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Young women have their bodies and old men have their thoughts.

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First I hope to make it that long.
And second, well I just hope not.

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Not evil but bad. I’m 68 and I think it’s weird because it is so unnatural. I have never had a problem with my male plumbing but I don’t think that I could get an errection for an 18 year old. That seems so wrong. However older women (50’s and 60’s) can get me going and I have no problem preforming my husbandly duties for my wife (she’s also 68) on a weekly bases.

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It is not bad NOR evil. After all, Society placed those/us guys in junior high schools with those little cuties with their hot little blossoming bodies; so what are we suppose to do? Just forget about them???

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You are supposed to go after skeletons now.

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“Some say I’m robbing the cradle, but I say she’s robbing the grave!”

No, it isn’t bad or evil. It’s human nature. I don’t think we ever stop finding youth attractive/desirable.

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I see NOTHING weird nor unnatural about it!!! Just keep it in your fantasies & don’t be pushing yourself on anyone. Most young girls get creeped out when old men lust after them!!! ENJOY your fantasies & let her live her life the way she prefers!!! Even the young girls over 18 are young enough to be your granddaughter…would you want some old man lusting after your granddaughter???

I say that you’re NEVER too old to appreciate the finer things in life…live & let live!!!

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@kritiper you said “Jr. High,” along with ”...with their hot little blossoming bodies…” You do realize Jr. High is comprised of 11 to 13 year old children. Is that what you really dream of in your fantasies?

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@Dutchess_III I don’t know about junior high schools where you live, but up here the age range is 13 to 16. (I wasn’t in a real junior high until 8th grade. But in the 7th grade boys did nothing but talk about those girls!)
And I didn’t mean that I fantasize about “children” but it is hard to ignore beautiful maturing girls who are that age.
Don’t tell me you don’t look at boys who are that age…If you say you don’t, you’re a liar.
Ask your husband if he remembers the very first girl he had a crush on, what grade was he in, how old was he, what was her name, what article of clothing he liked to see her in…He’ll remember!

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I don’t know about where you live but everyone around here graduates high school at 17 or, occasionally, at 18. And no. I do not look at 11 or 12 year old boys “like that.” Why on earth would I?
I’m sure my husband’s first crush was in elementary school, like mine was. Also crushes all through Jr. High and High School. The key is we were the same age as our crushes.
A 13 year old boy having a crush on a 12 year old is not quite the same thing as a 30 or 40 something year old nasty guy fantasizing about a 12 year old child in Middle School.

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