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For the ladies... mascara?

Asked by poofandmook (17320points) August 21st, 2008

I’m always jealous when I see someone with lashes that are curled up nicely.. I don’t have a problem with them being full but they’re pin straight and, like the hair on my head, DO NOT hold a curl. I don’t like eyelash curlers; I’ve bought several and none of them did anything aside from bend my eyelashes. Is there a mascara that actually does what the commercial says and curls your lashes?

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Crushed Beetles and Wine. Egyptians knew what’s up.

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they have electronic curlers that are suppose to be the best for curling lashes…but as far as a mascara that actually curls the lashes, I have never found any…..—(and I have about 15 different mascaras in my makeup box right now).—

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Just accept what you have poof. I’m jealous when I see women with wavy/curly hair. My hair is soo straight. Curlers and curling irons do no good, and I would never get a perm (yikes!).

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After chemo, I was thrilled that my hair grew back (everywhere) and that I had eyelashes again..Mascara gives me sties and lash curlers hurt. I’m with tiny; I spent years wishing I had straight, thin blond hair. Funny that I still don’t.

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This is funny. To me, at any rate, because my eyelashes grow and grow and I got so annoyed that I finally took a scissors and started trimming them this year. And now I wonder why I waited so long for such a simple solution. Mine don’t hold a curl, and those long lashes keep getting stuck in my eyes and greasying up the inside of my glasses.

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My daughter is blessed w/ full, beautiful curled eyelashes> I posted here as right after she was born the nurses gathered round her and ooh-ed and ahh-ed about her eyelashes

As to an answer to your question…..I gave up a long time ago. When I cared about it, the only thing I knew to use was the dreaded eyelash curler :(

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put ur eyelash curler under a hair dryer to heat it up for a minute then use it while its hot

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My kids also were born with long, curly double rows of lashes. Not from my genes, unfortunately. My daughter has to snip some of hers since they irritate her eyes also.

@Glitterfish; Why don’t you follow your own advice and then report back to us, please?

(your and it’s).

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@fish: Just DON’T burn your lash line ESPECIALLY if you use a metal curler.

@poofandmook: Don’t let all the eyelashes fool you. Not everyone has perfect lashes. A LOT of people do wear false eyelashes. If that is something that might interest you they come in all styles.

A trick that you can try is to put a coat of mascara curl them, but be VERY careful not to tug then add more mascara.

I use Maybelline Great Lash and love it. I have been using it for many many years, but I also curl my lashes. First at the base, move up to the center, then the end and then apply the mascara. The look lasts all day.

If you don’t want to try the curler again. Look into the false eyelashes they will do the trick for you.

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I acctually do it all the time and it works for me, and don’t be a dumbass and strait up place it on your lashes, wait a few seconds till its warm and most lash curlers have a rubber part to protect so I doubt the metal would burn

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I honestly think it’s timing. I understand that you don’t like curlers but I think they really work. Try this..

Buy Loreal Shocking Volume and a good eyelash curler (I love Sephora).

1. Use curler on each eye, about 10 seconds each.
2. The mascara I mentioned has two steps, a white primer that holds the curl and adds length…brush this on each eye.
3. Brush on the mascara.

I swear by this stuff.

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Best eyelash curler in my opinion is She Uemera. You can order it from Sephora and it works while not yanking out your eyelashes. I’m also a lifelong Great Lash fan, although I swap it out with Bad Gal from Benefit and have tried Shocking Volume as well, both with great results.

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Shu Uemura eyelash curler is my friend

aw I just noticed baseballnut said the same thing. She is right, go to Sephora or you could order it online. It really curls my straight asian eyelashes.

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Best you can hope for is a mascara that works a bit like a styling gel to hold the curl – in which case I guess you’d want a waterproof one. I have a personal preference for Max Factor – the one with the rubber bristles, it’s just by far the easiest to apply, IMO.

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Thanks guys.. .maybe I’ll pick up one of those!

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From Sephora (Most of these can be found at Macy’s, JCPenney, Nordstroms (they also sell the She Uemera curler mentioned above)

Sephora Brand Curling Mascara $10

Sephora Brand Ultra Black Triple Action Mascara , $14

Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes! , $18

Vincent Longo The Curl Mascara , $23

Vincent Longo The Curl Waterproof Mascara , $23

Givenchy Eye Fly Lash Extender Mascara , $23.50

Givenchy Parad’Eyes Volume, Length and Curl Mascara , $23.50

Dior Diorshow Waterproof Mascara , $24

Guerlain Maxi Lash Extreme Volume Mascara , $28

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Wow, thanks for the list! Maybe that’s my problem.. cheap mascara from CVS! lol

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Regarding the Sephora eyelash curler…I will trust you guys when you say that it is great….but I have to tell you….I looked at the link and it looks like the same thing I used 20 years ago….

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I thought the same thing, Snoopy.

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maybe the issue is ‘user error’ for the two of us, poof :)

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To be honest with you snoopy, my friend and I were looking at them in nordstroms last week and we were thinking the same thing….they don’t look any different than every other curler I have seen… we figured it was a ripoff

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I’ve never had any luck at all with curlers/mascara and I’ve tried my fair share.

I believe I have the same problem that you do, my eyelashes are really long, but they are very, very straight. It’s so annoying!

The best thing that I’ve found is just using fake eyelashes altogether. I know, when my friend first suggested that to me, I pictured the really thick, long eyelashes with rhinestones on them, but you can find some less conspicuous ones at CVS for, like, $5.

Here is a picture of me without the fake eyelashes (Please ignore the stupid look on my face, I was being dumb on purpose in this picture, but it was the only one I could find that really showed how lame my eyelashes are) and Here is a picture of me with the fake lashes on , I don’t think you can really tell they are fake, but that’s just me.

I believe these are the exact eyelashes I was wearing in that picture

The only trick is learning how to put them on right. I had to have a friend do it for me for the longest time, but I eventually learned. I’m pretty sure it comes with glue, too. I just use a toothpick to apply to glue to the eyelashes. And make sure you cut them to fit your eyes if you need too!

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Re the eyelash curler debate – I used a Revlon eyelash curler for years and switched to the Shu Uemura when a friend raved about it in Sephora one day. I think the shape is subtly different and I’ve never pulled out eyelashes, which happened too often with the old one.

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