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Can you please help me improve my dating profile?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (15074points) November 24th, 2018

For EHarmony and Match. I don’t have enough insight. Preferably from those who have known me ,over the years as RedDeerGuy1 and Talljasperman.

This is my EHarmony profile:

Asking and answering questions online . Getting out of debt and saving money to play shopping with my credit card . Filling out forms and streamlining my life for maximum profit. I like buying and trying out survival food and freeze dried foods online. I love watching Nightly Business Report on PBS. I like to watch American and Canadian news on TV. I am currently learning domestic skills and am searching for the best diet for the long term

spend my leisure time
Watching News on TV. Watching Kitchen nightmares on YouTube and other videos on science and computers. I like online shopping and putting food and books on my wish list and not buying. I like watching Home Shopping network for new computers. I also listen to the radio comedy 1060am in Calgary and cbc ideas with paul Kennedy and cross country check up. I also nap frequently til 5pm from 10pm- 5pm I relax and sleep lightly. I like a dark room to sleep.

Also My match profile:

I am a tall, thoughtful and considerate man who is looking for a tall, thoughtful and considerate woman. I am interested in the paranormal , buisness and science news. I am happy with my life. Hi hi

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I don’t think I can improve on it. It sounds like an accurate enough description of who you are which is what a dating profile should be. If by “improve” you mean getting more responses from people who are not so fixated on survival and freeze dried foods you might pick up some useful tips here.
PS I would correct the spelling of “business” in the last line. These little things matter.

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Include some snippets on academic acumen and professional prowess.

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Be yourself.
If you have the idea that you have to get the woman into bed before the third date, forget it!
When you go out with a woman, find ways to get her to talk about her. Don’t fill the time telling her about yourself.
Forget about that on-line shit!
Find yourself a July1994 copy of Playboy. Read the article “The Rules of Dating” by Tracey Pepper.

You don’t need a profile, you need some fetchin’ up!

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Here’s another bit of advice:
Many women have a book called “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus.”
Get a copy and read the first half of the book.

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