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Do you think the rule makes sence?

Asked by simone54 (7608points) August 21st, 2008

I’m 15 years old, it’s like 9:30. I got to my dad’s house and nobody was there and I don’t have a key. So I went to mom’s house. Little did I know, my dad and his partner went to a restaraunt. My dad shot me a text asking if I was at his house, I said no and he told me that he’d pick me up when we get done at the restaurant. He didn’t get any food for me since I was at my moms.

Do you think my dad and his partner were right for not getting me food?

That’s all you had to write. That’s why we’re busting your balls. Now people can feel free to answer the question without the BS

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Harsh…. That’s all I can say.

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I already answered the question without doing this.

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Just addressing the food issue—it’s sounds like you are nitpicking. So what. Did you ask for food? Are you capable of feeding yourself? What are you really upset about? Dinner?

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You mean, does the rule make sense? To the asker it did. How would you feel if you were 15 and upset, then came here to ask about it and got ganged up on because you didn’t word your question properly? I think this is bullying, and uncalled for. I’m surprised this question is still here.

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@Bear catching a fish: I wasn’t trying to be harsh. I was making a new post that makes more sense and doesn’t the people making fun of the question.

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what “rule” are you talking about. i dont really see a rule here

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@Simone, was your dad expecting you? If he knew you were coming and had plans for dinner, he should have let you know in advance, and invited you to join him at the restaurant. Since that didn’t happen, I think he probably should have at least asked if you had eaten and offer to bring you something if you hadn’t.

Is this what you were trying to say with the other question? That one had me very, very confused, but this one makes perfect sense and I think it is a good question.

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I don’t have any answers.

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simone, if fortris wanted it worded this way that that’s the way it would have been worded. What’s with the question before this. It seemed like you were trying to prove a point by making things difficult. I know it’s all fun and games, but ya gotta know which people and which questions to pick on. Know what I mean? Hopefully fortris sees this as helping clear things up. Although your other question, an comment at the bottom might not help. ;)

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since you were already at your mom’s, couldn’t you make yourself something, or find something in refrigerator or cabinets?

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Yeah that was the point of this one, Bear Fish.

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;) I’m sorry. I retract my first statement then. I didn’t realize this one was actually ment to help.

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Sorry you didn’t get dinner. If it helps, no one made me dinner either.

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Why were you waiting until 9:30 to eat dinner? You’re fifteen, take some responsibility here.


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Were you really more upset about being locked out if the house and not being included at the restaurant for dinner?

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Are you serious? My daughter is a year younger than you – she would have fed herself, cleaned up and it would have been a non-issue. IF she wanted something, she would have asked.

I need to stop…my head is going to start spinning.

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Still think the kid needs a key and be smarter at applying his allowance and one way or the other feed himself (at 15 you really should know how to make a sandwich).........or put in another way: 1—(2+3+6)≠0

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Okay, I would say thats a better way of wording it, but some things got lost in translation (I FINALLY get to use that phrase!) The mother drove the kid there, and that its split custody and the kid was waiting for the dad all day.

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I am so confused right now.

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“The mother drove the kid there”, so, just to be clear, the mother dropped the 15 year old off at about 2:30 pm and then never waited to see if the kid could get into the dad’s house? Or was the kid waiting inside the dad’s house for 7 hours?

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Oh my god. Everybody just drop it! I proved my point long ago. Just assume there is an end to justify the means.

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@fortris, just so you know, my comment here was not intended to be a smart crack, I was being serious. It makes a difference, in my opinion, whether the 15 year old was left to wait outside the father’s house without being able to get inside or if the 15 year old was waiting inside the father’s house. Sorry if I offended you.

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*Sounds like a good time to have a talky-to. Dad needs to know you were locked out of house….Mom, needs to know too; ask her to wait next time to make sure you can get in.
Dad may not have known you were hungry because you didn’t say, “hey will you get me something to go?”

Poor communication skills all around, but you can begin to build that skill.

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Seeker…I’m using that, I don’t know when , but I’m working, “talky-to” into a conversation.

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Yes, Cak, feel free to pass it on. I have many talky-to’s. My nephew groans when he hears me call him over for one. lul

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I can hear the groan, now!

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