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Who do you think is the most versatile actor/actress working today?

Asked by rockfan (12965points) November 27th, 2018 from iPhone

My vote goes towards Joel Edgerton. His roles in The Gift, Black Mass, Loving, and Boy Erased are so different from each other that sometimes I forgot Joel Edgerton was even in them.

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Meryl Streep. She has been in some real duds, but always takes on her part convincently and professionally.

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Denzel Washington comes to mind as someone who has played a pretty broad spectrum of roles. Charlize Theron is another that comes to mind. I’ll have to think more on it. GQ!

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Tom Hardy.

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The first that came to mind for me was Scarlett Johansson. She has shown a lot of breadth. So has Anne Hathaway.

But for longevity and change over the years, I would also agree with choosing Meryl Streep, and her male counterpart would be Tom Hanks.

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Jennifer Aniston. She’s funny but when she does dramas you forget she’s the famous Rachel from Friends. Cake was so good, I think she should have got the Oscar for that one.

Tom Hanks is my fav male actor.

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I don’t watch enough movies to say who is best. But as far as acting I notice… I was wowed by Christian Bale and Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Adams in American Hustle. Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling pulled off a musical with La La Land. Most recently, whenever Tessa Thompson shows up I think she’s perfect.

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Toss up between Tom Hardy & Eddie Redmayne
Vera Farmiga best woman for me

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@ucme I agree about Eddie Redmayne. He is great.

This is my general answer to the question:

I don’t agree with people who think Meryl Streep is so good. She performs a lot of roles but to me she is always Meryl Streep acting.

Jennifer Lawrence has done some amazing roles; she was great and very different in Winter’s Bone and Silver Linings Playbook.

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@janbb This must be a national holiday because I agree with you about Streep.
She always plays herself can predict just about every mannerism, very overrated.
Even Sam Neil acted her off the screen in A Cry in the Dark & he’s no Orson Welles.

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Gary Oldman.

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I agree with some answers, but I’m a little surprised that Eddie Redmayne was mentioned, I think he’s played the same kind of role in most of his movies.

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@rockfan The Theory of Everything and A Danish Girl?

@ucme Maybe we should go up the pub for a drink? (Naw – best not. :-))

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Wow @rockfan just wow :D
@janbb Silly little thing ;-}

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What I mean is that he plays the same kind of personality. Even though he plays a transgendered person in A Danish Girl, he still comes across as having the same persona in Fantastic Beasts. Just not a lot of range in my opinion. I still think he’s a fine actor

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Evan Peters

@rockfan Transgender person is the correct usage of the word. :)

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Redmayne has stated that he plays his character in Fantastic Beasts as autistic, that together with his portrayal of Hawking & the complex nature of Danish Girl definitely marks him out as super versatile.

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Rachel Weisz and Emily Blunt are both actors that I see display outstanding versatility and I tend to seek out their work.

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