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Have you read about this Indian girl taking on US President on Twitter?

Asked by Rohith (392points) 2 months ago

If you aren’t aware here’s the story: It’s heartening to see a school girl taking on a world leader like him. Can you imagine happening this before?

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Big deal. There is NO chance that President T will have seen it. And worse yet, I am sure he doesn’t care.

Give the girl credit for speaking up, but this is basically meaningless.

Oh, and now she will never be approved for a visa to the US.

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I’m sure about the last part. And that’s for telling the truth!!

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I admire her spunk!!! I’m sure trump heard her & I’m just as sure that he does NOT care what she thinks since he doesn’t believe in it!!! With a little bit of luck, she might be approved for a visa after the 2020 election!!!

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