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What is your compulsion?

Asked by mrjadkins (1256points) August 21st, 2008

Maybe it’s a tick or an obsessive-compulsive impulse but when I go to the Post Office to drop mail in the bin, I have to double check to make sure it goes down. I watched as two other people did the same exact thing after me.

Do we just mistrust gravity? I can’t imagine walking away without looking!

Anyone else do this or do you have a different compulsion?

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I really have too many to list here, but one of my biggest problems is probably my obsessive need to lock doors behind me…...
I only do it when Im at my house, but there were a few times that my mom would be doing something in the backyard and I would leave to go to the store and she would get locked out…

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One of mine is to check Fluther questions that I know I will regret having peeked at.

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I’m a door locker as well. I lock people out places, including myself, quite frequently.

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i think its just general neatness for me. Everything has to be completely functional and look good. If I’m not happy with something I’ll scrap it and totally redo it.

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I check my email about 50 times a day.

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I’m a perfectionist, so if something isn’t just right, I feel the need to mess with it until it’s perfect.
Admittedly, I often mess the thing up even more in the process of trying to make it perfect…then I just have more OCD about it…

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If I’m in a crowded area I check my wallet with my right hand constantly. I do it as I walk, while my arms are swaying and with my little finger, so I don’t look stupid. I guess that is just paranoia though….

I also check and recheck my Fluther answers for spelling, grammar and flow. I usually mutter them out loud too. Actually, I’m doing it right now.

Stop it Truman.


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I’m with you on the mail checking, and do the same with the library drop box. Hmm, now that I’m thinking about it, I do it for the video store drop box, too. My weirder compulsion is behind closed doors and drawers in my kitchen. All dishware must be stored neatly, in the proper order, or I can’t stand it. No mixing of different types of glasses, or sizes of forks is allowed. My spice rack consists of 30 or so matching glass bottles, in alphabetical order, labels made with my label maker, of course facing front. This is only truly weird because I am a total slob, in every other way. The only neat thing in my whole house is hidden away, where no one else can see it!

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@trumi – I do the same. I check my wallet and phone in my pockets several times as I walk from my car to wherever I am going. I also do the quick “fly-check” to make sure my pants are zipped.

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I check my email every 10 seconds. That is hardly an exaggeration. I also do the mail thing and I think I was taught to do that by my mom. I read an article that people with email addiction (like me) have the same type of response in their brain that people who smoke tons of pot do. It was in the NY times. I’m also addicted to Fluther, but realize that most of you are WAY more addicted than me——and that’s scary. I imagine that many of you don’t do anything BUT spend time on Fluther…..........

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For all you wallet-touchers: I read once that pick-pockets can tell where someone keeps their money because they tend to tend to keep touching that spot.

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I am so paranoid about forgetting my purse, my house is the only place I actually set it down….if I go out to dinner, I keep it in my lap, and if I go to someones house, I keep it on my shoulder…..I hear “set your purse down and stay awhile…” from family members and friends, teasing me about it. if I’m in a bad area or a really crowded place, I usually have a deathgrip on my purse….if someone wanted to steal my purse, they are going to have to take my arm with it….and this is stupid really because I only have like $4 in my bank account and I usually keep my cash in my pocket so all they would be getting is a super cute purse and a few M•A•C items….maybe my iPhone but I usually have it in my hand or in my jacket pocket.
That is another habit of mine, my iPhone is almost always in my hand…if it’s not in my hand, it’s within 5ft of me. (and yet I still miss most of the calls I get…..usually because the case on my phone will turn off the ringer if gets moved around a little….

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Fluther, I check fluther a million times a day ;s

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It would be easier to list what is NOT my compulsion. Here are just a few of my saner compulsions. Making sure all the doors and windows are locked before leaving the house. Making sure any portable heaters (in the winter) or the AC (in the summer) are turned off while I am not home. Checking that I have all my keys before leaving the house. Another weird one is making sure I have a firm grip on my car keys while walking over a storm sewer grate, for fear I will accidentally drop them into it. Even if they are in my pocket, I will keep my hand on them anyway. My biggest compulsion however is making sure every story I write is absolutely perfect. I think I have worn out my online thesaurus. I will edit a story fifty times and still not be satisfied. sigh, I’m a sick puppy.

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@evelyns_pet_zebra A little OCD, eh? I do that thing with my keys, too.

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@augustlan Yeah, a little OCD, like the Atlantic Ocean is a little puddle of water.

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