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What do you think of gender reveal parties?

Asked by Demosthenes (12775points) November 27th, 2018

Be honest: are they completely stupid? Or do you love throwing/attending them? Have you ever been to one?

A gender reveal party is what it sounds like: a party thrown to reveal the gender of a not-yet-born baby.

No judgment from me. Just wondering how you feel about this new trend. I was inspired to ask this after it was recently determined that explosive effects at a gender reveal party in Arizona started a 50,000 acre wildfire.

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Haven’t been to one, don’t know anyone who’s had one, so I feel perfectly comfortable saying I think the idea is idiotic.

Not that anyone isn’t entitled to celebrate whatever strikes them as delightful, but I hope to get through the rest of my life without ever having to face one.

(Besides, “reveal” is a verb.)

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^Same. I’d be fine with never attending one.

My problem isn’t so much with the concept itself, but more with the trend of them becoming more and more elaborate, involving ever-more extravagant stunts and fireworks and other insanity. Similar to the way some teenagers go all-out to ask someone to prom.

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To me it’s part of a collective hysteria that somehow relates to the insanity of social media and what it’s done to our identities and sense of community, not to mention reflecting our deep commitment to denial as a survival tactic. (By “our” here I pretty much mean American.) It looks so much like drug-induced psychosis to me that I’m wondering if anything less than total withdrawal can ever get us back to a functional state of social sobriety.

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~ I mistaken this question for transgendered person telling that they are transgendered.

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Whatever pops your balloon.

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Never heard of one. I am assuming this is in addition to a baby shower? If so, do the same people get invited to both, and are the guests supposed to give gifts at both? I hope not. If so, I find the idea quite annoying.

If you’re superstitious it sounds like a really bad idea.

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Some of them are so over the top these days. Kinda icky to me. But whatever makes people happy I guess. It’s not hurting anyone. Except when they cause forest fires, I guess.

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@RedDeerGuy1 For future reference it’s transgender, not transgendered. I know you mean well and I love ya, buddy. This topic is important to me so I like to educate. :)

I miss the days when couples would argue about finding out the sex before the birth.

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It sounds a bit like counting your chickens before they are hatched.

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They’re an excuse to have an extra party and post something on FB.
This one is my favorite.

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I think it’s silly, but if it’s an excuse to have cake then I’ll go. Whatever floats anyone’s boat.

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Gender reveal parties are the leading cause of wildfires in North America.

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I find them silly & ridiculous!!! IF I need to eat cake that bad, I’ll bake me a cake…one that goes well with my current diet restrictions!!! Actually, I prefer the good old days when the gender reveal was at the time of delivery!!!

I hope the gender reveal parties go the same way of the flash mob surprises..EXTINCT!!!

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@notnotnotnot Maybe the guests should be required to rake before the reveal!!! LoL

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Wait! Did someone say cake? I’m in!

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Really, though, if someone wants to do it, why not? An excuse for a celebration is a good thing, and it’s not my dime. It’s a wonderful thing to be so happy about having a child.

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Maybe it’s time to start a CAKE REVEAL party!!! A party where there are 6 different types of cake & everybody tries each one & votes for their favorite. Hard to set the field on fire by eating cake!!! Anyway the expectant family is going to be happy whether there’s a party or not.

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So you would deny them the pleasure of having a particular kind of celebration because you don’t approve?

Bah humbug, Ms Scrooge.

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Boy George’s parents held 2, just to be sure…

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I’m so white I had a gender-reveal party for a dog. :P

Just kidding. But that’s pretty white.

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I have no feelings one way or the other. None of my kids ever had one.

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I’ve never denied anyone the pleasure of enjoying their own life; but, it does NOT mean that I have to help them enjoy it. I’ve NEVER gone to anybody’s party just so I could eat a piece of THEIR cake…I’m NOT too cheap to bake my own when I’m craving cake!!! I’m NOT a phony friend either…I call it as I see it & IF my opinion is all it takes to destroy our friendship, they weren’t much of a friend to begin with!!!

The question asked was “What do you think of gender reveal parties?” I don’t think much of them & since this was posted in Social, I was voicing my opinion to the question “as asked”.

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If the only expectation is I show up and eat cake I’ll be there.

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^Another cake lover!

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