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Mods, do you cut a question some slack when it is obvious that English is not the questioner's main language?

Asked by rojo (24064points) 2 months ago

As asked.

And what are things you feel cannot be overlooked?

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Yes, absolutely.

We try to help the asker fix their most glaring mistakes, but if we pounced on every little punctuation error, we would miss out on many wise people.

At times, we get users who are unwilling or unable to accept our advice – but in most cases our approach seems to work well.

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I can’t believe you guys make me capitalize “trump.” Sniff.

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People whose first language is English make the following errors, to name a few:
a instead of an “I’ll be there in a hour”
the amount of (countable things) instead of the number,
the person/people “that” instead of the person/people “who”.
“Mr.” Obama”, “Mr”. Trump, instead of President,
People for whom English is a second, ...third, language learn from the native speakers.

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….By the way it happens all over the world, not just in the English speaking world.

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