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What are some movies that you just couldn't get through?

Asked by Jeruba (48711points) December 1st, 2018

And can you say why?

Bonus points (conceptually speaking) if you actually left the movie theater, rather than just quitting the video.

Here are some I couldn’t finish:

The Year of Living Dangerously
The Age of Innocence
The Wind and the Lion
Once Upon a Time in the West

and, much more recently,

The Leisure Seeker
Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

If it’s too violent, or the script is too awful, or I can’t be made to care about any character, or absolutely nothing is happening (despite a lot of activity), I’ll ditch a movie without remorse. Likewise if there’s a major character that I just don’t want to look at for two hours, all other factors aside.

And yes, I have walked out of a theater a few times. One of those, as I recall, was “Igby Goes Down.” Another was “Gosford Park.” I just did not care.

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I have, but I can’t for the life of me remember what they were. It’s a rare occasion for me, I am ever hopeful that something will redeem even the worst. And those were in the theaters. I occasionally give up on movies at home, but I’m a lot freer with things when there is little or no inconvenience.

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Titanic, eat pray love, the latest star wars movie (i think)

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I remember walking out of “Dirty Harry” in college and waiting outside for my friends. I also walked out of “Traffic” because I was too disturbed by the girl’s drug use and surfed the multiplex while waiting for my husband. (“The Age of Innocence” was interminable but I think I stuck it out.)

I’m sure there were others but those are two I remember. At home, I will often give up on a movie if it doesn’t catch me.

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Paris Texas. I don’t remember why.

Basically any movies whose main theme is blood and guts and gore flying all about. (Paris Texas wasn’t that tho. I don’t think.)

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The Michael Bay Ninja Turtles movie after that fart joke where they turtles are all stuck together in a pipe.
Batman vs Superman, in the middle of that stupid “batman’s parents get killed” prologue. FUCK YOU, ZACK SNYDER YOU TALENTLESS HACKFRAUD.

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Haven’t been able to sit through any Woody Allen movie.

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@trailsillustrated Titanic was brutal. So slow and boring. The music was especially drawn out and tedious. Way over rated.

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I walked out of a Batman movie that had Bane. Was too loud. It also took me years to watch all of Monty Python Jaberwaky. I stopped watching dr. Who after the plant monsters were laying eggs in people in a space ship and the dr. Got charged with genocide for helping the humans over the plant monsters.

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A Christmas Story
Smokey And The Bandit

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I stood up and left the theater while the movie The Lobster was showing. Way outside the realm of my ability to comprehend or willingness to try to comprehend. I do intend to watch it again and finish.

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Gave up on Inland Empire and Last Year at Marienbad. Too surreal and strange to keep my attention.

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I often fall asleep during movies, like Space Odyssey, and all the Star Wars movies I took my son to see – boring.

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And then there was “Hardcore Henry”, which unfortunately, was not a gay porn movie.
The entire thing was filmed in first person perspective, and made me physically sick.

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The embroidered hauteur auteur of the Phantom Thread was well worth skirting around.

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@Pinguidchance I thought it might be.

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The last Mohican unless there’s a hiapowa.

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Only movie I ever walked out on was Natural Born Killers. In fact, we all did. There was four of us.

I’m okay with violence in movies, but there was something about that movie that just repelled me.

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My girlfriend and I had just lost someone very close to us through suicide (months prior), and we thought it a good idea to watch a ‘stupid’ movie, just to try enjoy a bit of nothingness.
First minutes in and that uniformed guy killed someone in the same manner our loved one took his own life.
Switched it off immediately, and cried both like babies.
We were very vulnerable at the time.

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“The Simpsons” movie. There was a scene when neighbors strung five nooses over a tree branch, preparing to lynch the Simpson family. That was supposed to be funny. I got up and walked out of the theatre.

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Sorry to Bother You

It’s been acclaimed by dozens of professional movie critics as the best satire of the past few years but I just just sat there dumbfounded at the ridiculously lazy plot and writing. Plus, I thought all of the jokes completely bombed. Can’t believe it’s so highly praised

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I think Natural Born Killers killed Woody Harrelson’s career.

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Star Wars the force awakens. Minions.

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“The Passion of the Christ”. It traumatized me. (and not for any Christian reason)

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That was a powerful movie. Who knew Mel Gibson had it in him? I still have it but I’ve never watched it again. Probably never will.
I was a Christian at the time. I wrote a hot check to buy that it. Was that a sin?

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@Dutchess_III Mel Gibson was in the Passion of the Christ. He was the hand that put the first nail in Jesus.

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He was also the director and one of the writers. They attributed the film to him.

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At home, I fall asleep if a movie doesn’t keep my interest. I can’t remember any particular titles, but it’s definitely happened more than once. The only movie I purposely didn’t finish was Pee-wee’s Big Adventure. Possibly the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen.

Natural Born Killers freaked me out. I stuck with it for the cinematography, but will never watch it again.

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“Old School” with Will Ferrell. Everyone else was laughing hysterically. Luckily, I was at someone’s house and could walk out of the room without causing a fuss. Ended up reading a Far Side collection and a cooking magazine.

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Kill Bill and Kill Bill 2 were hard to watch.

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Snakes on a Train
– I watched Birdemic and Mega Shark Versus Giant Octopus, but Snakes on a Train was too tedious and poorly done and not even entertainingly bad for me (just dull and slow and awful), and didn’t even get around to having anything to do with snakes on a train before I had to stop.

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Wonder Woman. I understand the hype but the movie sucked. I left midway.

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There have been rare instances where I absolutely hate the first 15 minutes but end up loving it. Examples are:

The Big Sick
A Ghost Story
Phantom Thread
A Simple Favor
The Sisters Brothers

Mainly has to do with the fact that they poorly set up the premise and I have zero connection with the characters until the main conceit of the movie actually gets put in motion.

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The Fog…too dense to get through

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Pooty tang. I only watched the first five minutes.

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The Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind. I gave it an hour and shut it off.

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OMG, “The Hateful Eight.” I commented on that movie here, how how horrible it was to me, and Rarebear laughed at me. He said, “Quentin Tarantino, duh!” :D Well, no more Quentin Tarantino for me boys and girls.

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The Hateful Eight was a masterpiece.

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I suppose. I found it horrifying.

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I loved it when Sam Jackson got his balls shot off.

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I loved it when he punched that girl in the face and threw her out of the stage coach.

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I loved it when Kurt Russel had his blood vomit fountain and then died.

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Right? I never laughed so hard. I almost pooped my pants.

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The only one I can think of is the original ‘Neighbors”: with Belushi and Aykroyd. Not sure what it was about the movie, it has been so many years ago, but it is the only movie I have ever walked out on.

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I am embarrassed to say this, but I fell asleep watching 2001. The movie started off slowly, and they had a sequence of the rocket in space moving to the Strauss waltz, and that is the last thing I remember.

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The last one I walked out of was “The Lobster.”

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@janbb had to do an analysis of the Lobster for my film class, so I had to sit there through the entire film. Longest two hours of my life

Although funnily enough, I’m looking forward to the directors latest film “The Favourite”. Looks quite good.

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@rockfan. Let me know. I’m leery of seeing it after The Lobster.

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One movie that I saw on Netflix, Boyhood, was one I should have shut off.

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I loved the first half of Boyhood, but I slowly realized that the kid was a terrible actor as he got older. Completely took me out of the film

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^^ I just thought it was way too long.

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Felt longer than it took to make!

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The Favourite is without a doubt the worst movie I’ve seen in theaters in the last ten years.

But I’m definitely in the minority, a lot of fans of independent cinema are loving the film.

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@rockfan That’s how I felt about The Lobster so I’ll probaby avoid this. Thanks.

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