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If you knew a prank was about to be played on you, what would you do?

Asked by The_Inquisitor (3163points) August 21st, 2008

Let’s say… your fellow co-workers decided that since it was your last day of work, they were gonna plan something big to do to you… like… dumping water on your head as you leave, or even something bigger, what would you do? try to avoid it, or just let it happen?

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Go with the flow. Unless it crosses the line of acceptable behavior, try to be a good sport.

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I agree! If you think they’re going to dump water on you, why don’t you show up in a poncho??? Don’t say anything about how you’re dressed – just do your work like you normally would and see what everyone does.

Good luck!

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play pranks back but make sure you get them first. It’s all fun and games. ;) enjoy!

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I’d call in sick that day, and make the day before my last day, my last day.

That would be my way of “pranking the prankers.”

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Laugh it off. Whatever you do, don’t make a fuss.

Such a bad movie moment, when the jackass overreacts to a prank. Or even if he reacts appropriately but it looks like he is overreacting.

I’ve seen it happen. It’s painful.

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I agree with Ninja! Prank em’ back. Like on the episode of That 70’s Show, when Kelso comes up with “prank day”!

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haha, thanks everyone. :)
and yeah, i won’t overreact, or make it a big deal, but just laugh with em…. haha.. (laughs nervously)

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I’d have to find a way to trump their prank and keep it from happening to me, especially if it was the water on the head thing! GRRR!!!

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I love it when someone plays a prank on me if it is done in fun, and not in a mean way. I’m most likely the person to laugh the loudest. And I’m also not going to let them get away with it, so when they least expect it, I get them back. It won’t be straight away though, I’d leave it a week or two, and then it’s on!!!

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One of the problems with pulling good-natured pranks or practical jokes on others, or even having them pulled on yourself, is that sometimes, cultural differences (and bad memories) come into play.

The bottom line on all of this, is that what appears funny to you, may not be funny at all to your “target” (“victim”), and vice-versa. I’m sure that you may have, during your lifetime, witnessed a prank that went wrong, just because the target didn’t react as expected.

I saw one in an AT&T office where I worked, several years ago, that was played on a co-worker. I saw nothing at all wrong with the prank, but when it was pulled on the woman who worked with us (on her birthday), she ran from the room in tears, and whatever fun we thought we were having at her expense, quickly disappeared. She went home and called in sick for the next 3 days. When she finally did return to work, all of us pretended like it had never happened, and she treated us differently, from that point on. She was no longer “fun” to work with, because, in her mind, we had betrayed whatever trust she may have had in us, with what we truly believed was an “innocent” joke.

Many months later, she finally opened up to all of us in a memo, apologizing for her reaction to our stunt, but mentioning that what we had done, reminded her (in some subtle way) of a baby of hers who had died from SIDS (“Sudden Infant Death Syndrome”) when he was just 7 months old, and none of us had known about that, prior to the stunt, because she had never shared that part of her life with us.

After that revelation, some of us realized how our antics could have reminded her of her deceased infant son, and that made us feel all the more guilty about what we had done. I don’t wish to describe all of the details of the prank we pulled on her, because in light of all of the above, someone could indeed see the so-called connection to her dead baby (if a LOT of imagination was applied) and then I and my colleagues would appear extremely insenstive in your eyes, just as we did in hers.

Even though her memo mentioned that she was forgiving us for our prank (and saying that she knew that none of us had ever been told about her past tragedy), the fact was, she was very “cool” towards us, for the remainder of the time that we worked with her, until her retirement from the company, and all of us felt very sad about that, believe me.

Some of us wrote private notes to her, expressing our regrets, but her “distance” towards us was never eased, and any friendships we may have had with her, were forever strained, just because we pulled a stupid (as it turned out) “joke” for her, on her birthday.

Shortly after that disaster, upper management at that AT&T office issued an internal memo that permanently prohibited all such office “hijinks,” promising that, “any future displays will be dealt with, severely.”

August 22, 2008, 6:13 AM EDT

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@JackAdams: I’m sorry… I don’t want this to sound bad but I’m sure it will anyway… I can’t see how any prank you could pull could be connected to the death of an infant, and so while I’m sure your situation was definitely very real and very unfortunate, it’s very hard to imagine that sort of scenario without a lot of over-sensitivity and over-reaction.

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I agree with your assessment. But that is precisely why what happened, happened.

I don’t believe she over-reacted, and you probably wouldn’t either, had you been her, and if you had known the stunt we pulled on her.

It was nothing less than a catastrophe, big time, and one which I will always regret, for the rest of my life.

What’s worse, I had nothing at all to do with the planning of it. It wasn’t my idea at all, but I went along with it anyway, and laughed with the others.

August 22, 2008, 8:34 AM EDT

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I too am not a prank fan. They are silly, seem childish and humiliating and don’t win any good will. Why not a pleasant going-away-party.

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People pull the kind of pranks that they themselves would not mind receiving, so the rule of thumb appears to be, “Would I mind having this done to me?”

If the answer is that you could tolerate it, you then assume that others will, also. But of course, if you don’t know the other person as well as you thought you might know him or her, you have a potential for a misunderstanding.

Also, not everyone shares your sense of humor. For example, everyone laughs when someone on TV, like “THE THREE STOOGES” gets a pie in their face, or slips on a banana peel. But try either on an a person who is not expecting it, and you might be surprised at the results.

At one of my own birthday parties, my ex-wife (with my advance knowledge and co-operation) arranged for a friend to smash me in the face with a REAL lemon meringue pie, not one of those composed of shaving cream and cardboard (as is used by the stooges). This one had been bought at Marie Calendar’s.

The pie literally exploded when it hit my face, and there was dessert all over the walls, the carpeting, the furniture, and many of our guests. We had to hire a maid service to come in and clean up the mess, it was THAT extensive.

But, I knew it was gonna happen, and took it good-naturedly, while our guests applauded and laughed themselves into a coma.

They said it was the best “finish” to a party, they had ever attended.

August 22, 2008, 1:26 PM EDT

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Being a firefighter we play practical jokes all the time. The are not mean spirited though are usually pretty gross or funny to all like putting raw eggs in someones turnout boots so they jump in them have to go to the call in with eggs in their boots or putting hair in their bar of soap that they grab before going take a shower.

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“The best defense is a good offense.” Prank ‘em first.

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@gooch… maybe I’m just a non-prank kinda person, but how is putting egg in someone who has an important and I imagine stressful job to do’s boots funny?

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It reduces the stress of the job. Laughter helps!

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