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How do I figure out my feelings?

Asked by Melody344 (4points) 2 months ago

I’ve liked this guy for about 2 years now; the feeling is mutual for him too (let’s call him Guy A). We aren’t in a relationship though because his parents would like me to go another year before we officially date. I’ve recently met another guy (Guy B) and we’ve really connected! We have a ton in common! I felt so comfortable around him and I think I’m definitely developing a crush? Guy A has also told me that if I meet someone that I would like to try to go on a date with, that I should just do it because he doesn’t want me think I am bound to him… But, what should I do? Should I see if Guy B would like to go out on a date? Any sort of input would really help get my mind in order.

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All dating is, or should be, is going out with different people to see if you are compatible, have the same interests. I would hate that you would wait another year and then be able to date him and find out he’s not the one for you. You may pass up opportunities that you may never have again.
Go out and date and explore the things you want to do.

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Don’t get in a hurry! You have your whole life ahead of you, so give it time. Give it lots of time. Give it all the time it requires!

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Why should you not go on a date with Guy B? A date is not a commitment. It is a chance to learn more about a person. The nice thing is that you can do it openly, since Guy A approves, and apparently encourages you, to go on dates with other guys.

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I like Guy A’s confidence, both in himself and in you. Yes, you should go on a date with Guy B and Guys C, D and E for that matter. This is how you learn and better to learn about your wants and desires by dating earlier on in life. After you marry, dating others is a lot more difficult.

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