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Can you please find me a reading lamp that is brighter than 3010 lumens?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (19445points) December 2nd, 2018

That I can buy in Canada, hopefully online? I bought 4 lamps and none were good enough to read at 3am in the middle of the night. Previous question I want a lamp that brightens my living room as bright as high noon in summer. To read at night.

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I suggest you get a full-spectrum light, such as a Verilux Happy Light and/or full-spectrum light bulbs for your other lamps or light fixtures.

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@Zaku I will keep your suggetions incase my 43 watt 3010 lumens lamp isn’t good enough. Thanks. It will be delivered by this Thursday.

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@All Update. Got sent a sausage stuffer instead of the lamp. Am processing a refund. Won’t get the lamp this time.

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That’s quite a mix-up!

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Update: Got customs charge of $72 reversed. Still do not have a bright lamp. I can only read in sunshine.

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