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Do you see a woman becoming President of World superpowers like USA and Russia in the near future?

Asked by Rohith (392points) 2 months ago

What are the roadblocks that are present currently? I don’t think China / France also has any till date as far as I know. I know we can’t put all these nations in the same category because of different political systems but that’s one commonality i can see.

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I don’t see a woman president in Russia any time soon. Vlad is dug in like a tick and Russia seems to be a bit patriarchal to begin with. China probably won’t see one either for the same reason. I could see the US getting a woman president before either of those countries.
There are two roadblocks to getting this. The first is is getting a candidate that isn’t horrible. Hillary ran on no real platform. Her stance was that if you didn’t support her you were a misogynist. She also felt that anyone that supported her opponent were a basket of deplorables. You can’t be a good leader if you view half the country you want to lead that way. The second roadblock is dealing with the partisan split in this country. Right now, it really doesn’t matter who the candidate is. If the Dems have a woman candidate, the Repubs won’t support her. If the Repubs come up with a woman candidate, the Dems will oppose her. The only way to get a woman into office in this environment is if both the Repubs and the Dems had woman candidates.

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Germany currently has a female head of state and Britain has had two. I don’t see why France could not have one. Hillary Clinton’s nomination and election vote margin along with the increase in the number of female members of Congress, makes it more likely that the U.S. may have one in the near future.

I don’t see it happening in Russia or China. Has China ever had a female head of state? At least the Russians can point to Catherine the Great.

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Canada has Kim Campbell for a term as prime minister for a couple of months.

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Women can’t be any worse than men in leading a country. No guarantee they will be any better, however.

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Why not? Women have just about the same potential as men when it comes to nation leading and political play. Indonesia used to have a female President, other more developed countries surely wouldn’t make gender much an issue (unless they’re prodeminany patriachal society like Middle Eastern countries). US almost have female President, others soon will follow.

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Well, The US is ready for one. Clinton got more votes than Trump and I believe she is woman.

China? Russia? I do not see or hear of any females that are close to getting the top spot, in fact I doubt you will see any other male (than the ones already in power) getting it for some time.

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