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If a girl who was sexually assaulted two or three months ago the guy was in his fifties the girl was seventeen and still is seventeen and there were two other people in the room that heard it can the guy still get in trouble?

Asked by Destinycole123 (10points) 2 months ago
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Yes, absolutely. The statute of limitations for sexual assault of a minor is 10 years in Iowa:

I’m so sorry this happened. Please let us know if we can help you figure out your next steps.

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Yes. If the girl have enough substantial evidence to deliver in the court. If the supposedly-witnesses are willing to voice the truth in the court. She can press charges but whether or not this man will get the punishment is all up to detective games and court rulings.

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Agreed. The issue is not whether a 50 yo assaulting a 17 year old is okay or not. Anyone assaulting anyone is wrong and an adult with a minor is even worse. But the issue is: can it be proven? There are many things that can be used as proof, but they have to be in place before the DA would take a case like that. That is the problem with the #MeToo movement. In many cases they are coming out with accusations and no proof. Much like Christine Blasey-Ford against Kavanaugh. Our country is based on innocent until proven guilty, but the accusations of sexual assault seem, many times, to be done for other reasons. And those that are accused are generally found guilty in the court of public opinion without ever having a trial or any evidence being brought forward. So this 17 yo would (a) have to actually come forward. She would have to name witnesses who were present. (b) those witnesses would have to have actually seen something and be willing to testify. (c) all this evidence would have to be brought to the DA who would evaluate the case. (d) if there was a case, the accused would have to be arrested and all the evidence would have to be presented to him and his attorney to allow them to build a defense. (e) At this point there are two ways it could go…he could get a plea deal whereby he is let off with a slap on the wrist or the case would have to go to court and be tried and the jury would decide the matter.
Of course, if the 17 yo is making it up, they set themselves up for a defamation civil lawsuit which could include her parents since she is a minor.

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Welcome t Fluther!!!

Yes, most likely. Are you positive the 2 other people will be willing to testify??? You said they heard it; but, did they see anything??? Can they positively identify the man as the one who assaulted you???

He’s going to claim that you consented to having sex with him & that you never told him that you were underage. Talk to your parents & let them know what happened. They will probably take you straight to the police to request that charges be filed!!!

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Please let us know if there is anything we can help you with. I am so sorry this happened to you.

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I certainly hope so. She is just a child and he sounds like a sexual predator. She needs to report this immediately. The statute of limitation is different from state to state, but I’m sure if it happened just a few months ago, she could still pursue charges. I feel so bad for her. She should also seek counseling to deal with this horror.

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