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On a wireless home security system, can you mix and match cameras from different brands or styles?

Asked by rojo (24064points) 2 months ago

For instance could you use one brand for interior, and two different cameras on the exterior (depending on the site requirements, such as a telephoto lens and a doorbell camera in addition to the standard lenses) and have them all controlled and feeding to the same source? Or if you wanted to add a spy camera to the existing system in case someone destroyed the obvious camera what would you need to know to add it?
If you planned on having them feed to a remote app on your camera would that make a difference or complicate matters?

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It depends on the software of the system controller. Not all cameras will have the same functionality that the controller is expecting to see.

Let me give an example:

Let’s say that the controller software allows zooming and brightness correction as features. You can sit at a console and tell the system-provided camera lens to zoom in on something. because the software is familiar with the camera’s capabilities, they work together well.

Now let’s say you bought a different camera – it may or may not understand the command to ‘zoom’ or ‘sharpen’ or ‘correct for light conditions’ that the controller is sending. Best case is that you still get a picture. Worst case is that you send a command to the camera and it gets fried.

To my knowledge there isn’t a common feature language among all security systems and cameras that would ensure the interoperability that you are asking about.

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Some brands of wireless security cameras are not compatible with older controller by the same manufacturer.

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