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Did former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn choose to cooperate with Mueller because the last thing he wanted is to be ridiculed for yelling lock her up but instead he was the one who would have gotten locked-up?

Asked by mazingerz88 (22169points) 2 months ago from iPhone

As asked.

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I bet it was something else.

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Any politician has learned to survive ridicule. That’s so minor in that world. I think it was something else.

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Did anyone ask him?? My tarot cards aren’t giving me a clue…

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I’m going with “no”.

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I think he figured out he was going to do a long long time in prison.

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Are we ever going to get to trump? Or are they lying in wait, until he’s no longer the president?

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^^Everything hinges on the findings and conclusion of Mueller’s investigation. Sometimes I’m thinking maybe it’s better trump stays if only to get beaten if he decides to run again. To show the world America isn’t that hopeless after all. ( But then I slap myself in the face )

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Flynn admitted to lying to the FBI about not speaking with a Russian ambassador.

He denied it, But it turned out that at some dinner, he happened to be seated next to one and they spoke. They said a few things to each other for about 45 minutes.

The fact that he didn’t mention this is the lie. I suspect he got tired of fighting, was concerned about his family, and was broke / had lost everything defending himself.

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