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Seriously, can anyone translate this?

Asked by Love_my_doggie (9483points) 2 months ago

I was just looking at the TV Guide listings for this evening, to see if there’ll be anything worth watching, and I saw the following summary for an episode of “Jersey Shore Family Vacation”:

It’s clap back season when the roomies go all HAM on the cooch who harasses them at the bar.

What language is this? The words seem vaguely English, but… Are “clap back,” “HAM,” and “cooch” some modern slang that I’m too old and uncool to know? Can anyone translate the sentence?

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It is hammer time when the roommates go medieval on some rude bitches ass at the bar.

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I always hear. “I am stupid please hurt me!” When I hear that wierd slang. @rojo Thanks for the translation.

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I am old and had to look up HAM the other day.

Apparently stands for Hard As a Motherfucker.

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I think its message is, “If you don’t understand this, move on. That way, you won’t waste your time on a stupid show you’re going to hate anyway. Get yourself some Animal Planet shows.”

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