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Why is "Lone Star Beer" only sold in Texas?

Asked by JackAdams (6507points) August 21st, 2008

Most companies want to earn as much money as possible, to make larger profits and to attract more investors. Yet, this beer brewer prefers to supply only Texans with their lager, and I’m wondering what the reason could be.

Is it because they want to make it harder to get, or make it “rare,” to increase its value?

As i recall, there was a time when Coors was only sold in Colorado, but their sales and profits skyrocketed, once they went nationwide.

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don’t worry about it, lone star beer sucks

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This is probably to appeal to Texans, who would understand the reference.

Remember, most people don’t have maps, so they have no clue about the ‘Lone star state’

As a side note, Virginia (and a handful of surrounding states) sells “Dominion Ale” as a tribute to the “Old Dominion” that is Virginia. It’s all about regional appeal to the locals.

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@TennisPro: I’ve heard that from a lot of folks! LOL

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It can be had other places. You just have to know

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@breedmitch: It is also available in Aberdeen, Scotland (aboard the Texas oil rigs there), but the LSB company does not send it there. It is purchased in Texas, then taken across state lines or shipped by the purchaser.

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Interesting. I know there’s a small time operation that runs Shiner Bock to NYC to accommodate a few bars/restaurants here. For an exorbitant ammount a private citizen can “buy in” a share for personal use. I just assumed that because it was more readily available, it must have a local distributor.

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The same reason they only sell BigRed in Texas, Because we are special :D. But really maybe they just are not a big enough company to sell everywhere

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In general, limited distribution is a result of limited production capacity. That said, Lone Star may be hard to find because it isn’t any good.

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I’m a non-drinker, so I have never tasted it.

I have heard nothing but bad comments about it, and I won’t repeat them here, for fear of being publicly chastised, reprimanded, and possibly suspended.

August 22, 2008, 9:21 AM EDT

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They sell Lone Star beer in Oklahoma too.

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True, but the brewer doesn’t SHIP it there. It is purchased in Texas, then driven across state lines by the purchaser, if what I have been told, is correct.

August 23, 2008, 11:44 PM EDT

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Help me find Lone Star, even tho I live in PA! I recently had to drive to Oklahoma and brought my dad back a souvenir of Lone Star because he drank it in his army days. He is now 84 and honestly cried happy tears to see it again. Now he is thinking about driving from rural PA to a bar in Brooklyn that says they have it! Yikes! Any suggestions as to WHERE breedmitch?

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