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Is it true that you should give away what you want the most?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (19435points) December 7th, 2018

Was a quote from Dr. Phil today. Is it true? Can you elaborate?

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I like it. Native Americans have a giveaway, similar. It’s very spiritually cleansing to go minimalist, like a backpack and nothing else.

If you had a new beautiful warm coat and passed an old man with no coat, would you give it to him and wear your old one? If so, you get it. If not, you should try it.

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No that is communism.

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What you should do instead, is the freedom loving, capitalist thing:
Keep your new coat, and sell your old coat to the old man for as much money as his desperation to escape the cold will make him.
see rules 7, 8,10,22,29,82,87,97,98,111,144

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@ragingloli Ferengi Rules of Acquisition. Thanks will look up later. GA.

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Deep down, everyone is a Ferengi. #284

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@ragingloli Ok I read them again. Thanks.

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It is true for hoarders.

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I need more context. That sounds like meaningless pablum to me.

The world is huge so there might be something that works that way.
In general, you need to work for and earn what you want the most.

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Yes, I gave away my collection of buddhas, my dr phil voodoo doll and my ragingloli effigy that was slightly singed in a mysterious incident that the insurance company attributed to st elmo.

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I am with @LuckyGuy on this. The statement makes no sense. I have never watched Dr Phil. Is this typical of what he says?

@KNOWITALL , Why not give away your old coat?

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I think there’s something in it.
Just think of the times you gave your coat to your partner/husband/wife/boyfriend/girlfriend, or your little sibling, because you could sense they were cold, or you wanted them to be more protected from the rain than yourself.
That’s giving me a warm feeling, no matter the fact that it indeed is cold.
But it’ll be cold still, with or without the coat.
It’s also nice to be on the receiving end, by the way.
Made me love my brother more than before, when he did that to me, some 40+ years ago.
Till this day that’s engraved in my mind.

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I’d give away my old accordian but I’m afraid I’d get two back!

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Do as I say not as I do.

Phil McGraw, better-known as Dr. Phil, is an American TV personality, author and former psychologist who has a net worth of $400 million and an annual salary of $88 million.

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I heard it differently You should give what you would like to receive. This is to counter giving presents you didn’t like.Why would your friend like it?

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@YARNLADY That is a much better interpretation! That makes sense!
It does not require magical thinking.
Give what you would like to receive.

However, there are plenty of holes in that statement. My interests and hobbies will likely be very different from the other person’s. My wants and desires will be different. I should not give something that I want.

Remember when Homer Simpson bought Marge a bowling ball for her birthday?

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That second interpretation follows from the golden rule, and the caveat that @LuckyGuy mentions applies in general to the golden rule. Sometimes what I would like others to do for me is not necessarily what others want for themselves.

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