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How often do you change the wallpaper on your mobile phone?

Asked by Rohith (342points) 5 days ago

Also do you set those downloaded online or pics that you have captured as a wallpaper?

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Once a year, if I remember.

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NEVER…it’s been the same for 11 years. My wallpaper is my favorite pic of my husband who died in his sleep 11 years ago & I doubt that I’ll ever change it!!!

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I’m not on a schedule or anything, but whenever the mood strikes. I’ll usually choose something inspirational or calming.

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Very rarely. Maybe once or twice a year.

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A couple dozen or so times per year.

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Never. it uses the one the phone came with.

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I think the correct term is screenpaper. ;-)

I once put screenpaper over my screen, but then I couldn’t see my screen, so I peeled it off. ;-p

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Once in the last five years.

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Never. I always use the one that comes with the phone.

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Not very often, but it is always a pic of at least one of the grandkids.

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Well @Brian1946 – It does have option to “set new Wallpaper” in my mobile phone. Does it say screen paper in yours?

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It’s so hard to find wallpaper that I like, I just find one and stick with it.

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I didn’t even know that was a thing I could do.

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About as often as I replace chefs, once a month or so on average.

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@Caravanfan adora~ble

I change it when someone is going to have it;
Usually, I put things the person’s likes or internal jokes.

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Couple times a year.

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Not once.

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