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How to look younger for Anne Frank Audition?

Asked by QueenRosemary (8points) December 10th, 2018

I’m 16 and 5ft. 6in but I want to audition for the role of Anne Frank. I’ve read some details about the audition and (although it said the age was a suggestion) they are looking for a 13 year-old girl to play Anne.
I’m a bit fat, DEFIANTLY don’t look like an underdeveloped 13year-old, and tall.
What can I do to look younger? Lose weight(the audition isn’t until March)? wear a certain type of clothes? etc.?
Or should I just aim to audition for Margot? (Anne’s 18 year-old sister)
Thank you for answering

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I’d probably just audition for Margot but if you really need to try for Anne maybe lose weight and bind your breasts (if they’re big.) If you can style your hair in a bob like hers, that could help too.

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I think you mean DEFINITELY – but you wrote DEFIANTLY – which has a totally different meaning.

Not that is has anything to do with acting, but spelling is a useful skill to develop.

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I have been in this situation, with a different role. I did actually use an ace bandage to bind my chest, but i was little in that area anyway.
Make sure to wear very flat shoes. Style your hair in a way that makes you look young. Depending on the length, you could do braids. Also maybe dress like Anne in a subtle type way. Also use little make-up.

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See if you can audition for both. My guess is Anne and Margot were both very thin. Losing weight would probably help, but don’t starve yourself, I doubt the people dejecting the cast expect the actors to be skeleton thin. You’re young, don’t risk your own health losing weight for a part, don’t be extreme about it.

Wear very little make-up to the audition, wear simple clothing, a simple hairdo. You can flatten your chest, and wear clothing that is loose.

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Lots of people want to play the lead role of a production. However, without the other characters, there would be no play.
If you care about the art, and truly want to be a part of the craft, instead of asking how to get a lead role, you should ask yourself how you could best use your talents to make the play go great.
Being a part of a well cast, well directed production is exhilarating, even when you have been chosen for a two line role.

The story is stunning. Try out for the part which you can perform well, and comfortably.
Some people cast by looks, some by talent, some with the best mix possible.
Just look inside yourself, and decide how you can best use your talents to be an asset to the production.

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