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How's your Christmas preparation?

Asked by Mimishu1995 (23445points) December 10th, 2018

Just asking. I’ll be watching you prepare from afar :)

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Well, I want to buy gifts for my husband’s family, because we are going to visit them for Christmas sort of. We will actually be there before Christmas, and I’m assuming they will do a Christmas dinner while we are in town, but they don’t communicate well so I don’t really know what the he’ll they are going to do. I figure show up overprepared with gifts, even though I really shouldn’t be spending much money right now. I have a few days to get it done if I’m going to do it. I don’t look forward to trying to figure out gifts. Ugh. Maybe I’ll buy logo stuff from where I live.

I don’t do any decorations for Christmas (not my holiday) but I went to the street in my town where they go all out with decorations to see all the lights. It’s crazy, you drive through and they tell you what radio station to tune to so you see the lights timed with the music. I love it.

I just finished Chanukah, I did the Menorah thing.

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I bought an electric shawl heater for winter. Will get some good meat if available. Hopefully some huge rib roast. If not than take out from whatever store is open.

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Lights and tree are up.
Online shopping is done.
Still a couple of things I have to get in real live retail outlet.

Just bought all the stuff for my annual Scotch and Bourbon party. Including a couple of e-cigs for my buddies who still smoke, since I won’t let them smoke in the house.

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I’m all set on gifts. I just finished my last items this weekend, which were a couple of handmade necklaces for Matt’s mom and sister. We also just put up our tree this past weekend, a little late.

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Tree up, yard decorated, no gifts yet but will do that this weekend for the parents.

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It’s going well. We got our tree on Saturday and decorated it Sunday. My room is decorated. I have gifts from my dad and my sister, but my mom and my brother are proving harder to shop for. My mom always insists that she’s not hard to shop for, but she also refuses to provide any wish lists. So I will have to work on that…

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It’s December 12th already?!
[runs around in a panic]

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Marta’s is reluctant to make the preparations.
I am kind of disappointed, I cannot do something though; is Marta’s who works.

By the way, if you are going to watch us from afar, why don’t you come in and drink a cup of tea? :) Oh, come on! Don’t be shy… Marta’s is going to be fine with you near.
Maybe not Takimoto-san though.

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I ordered a handcrafted “toy” from california. Cost me over 600 “dollars”. Very excited.

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Curiosity piqued!
What is it, loli?

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I think putting “toy” in quotes is hint enough.

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Forget the hints.
I want an actual picture!

One of these?
Hmmm…probably not for only $600.

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We all want things we cannot have.

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Boo. That’s no fun.

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just look what else they offer

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