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What are you reading?

Asked by Carla (533points) August 22nd, 2008

Are you enjoying it? I’m reading ‘Reading Lolita In Tehran’ I’m not enjoying this book at all. I find it hard to follow with the author skipping all over the place.

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@Carla; Unless you are on an iPhone there are sibling questions on the right of your screen. 125 suggestions there. Newcomers may have some good ideas, however.

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I just finished The Almost Moon by Alice Sebold. At the moment I’m too interested in the afghan I’m working on to pick up another book… but the next one will probably be The World Without Us by Alan Weisman.

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Thank you gailcalled I realize that, this question is not on that list.

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I am reading “Shopaholic and Sister” by Sophie Kinsella. A nice, light read thus far. I’m also re-reading “Good Grief” by Lolly Winston.

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the Algebraist by Iain M Banks.

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I’m re-reading Sunshine by Robin McKinley for the 2.5 billionth time.

I’m also reading (at home only) Absolute Sandman volume three. And ridiculously excited about it.

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Here we go, I found the link just in case you wanted it, also because my list hasn’t changed. Except that I’ve finished Breaking Dawn and was disappointed, and have gone back to Twilight instead so as not to stay angry at Stephenie Meyer. I have also added The Ballad of Les Darcy by Peter Fitzsimons to the now reading list, and The Dark Side of the Sun by Terry Pratchett to the plan to read next list.

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At the moment, I’ve got four going. A Game of Thrones by George R.R. Martin (a re-read), Dracula by Bram Stoker, Twilight by Stephenie Meyer and Little Altars Everywhere by Rebecca Wells (also a re-read).

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My summer reading for school Lord af the Flies which is not as bad as other books i have had to read for school and then Hearts of Darkness

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The Bottoms by Joe Lansdale. I just finished it last night. Great story that involves mystery, but tells a nice story about life in the depression.

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I’m reading The New York Times, just like every morning :)
And Harry Potter before I go to bed every night

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The 4-Hour Workweek Escape 9–5, Live Anywhere, and Join the New Rich

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“The Warren Commission Report on the Assassination of President John Fitzgerald Kennedy”

I always enjoy FICTION.

August 22, 2008, 11:10 AM EDT

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I am just finishing ‘Bridge of Sighs,’ a long novel, which I have enjoyed a lot, but I’m a Richard Russo fan. Next up is ‘Bel Canto’ by Ann Patchett, and then I think I’m going to read something by Salman Rushdie.

I still haven’t read a Rushdie novel and his book, ‘Midnight’s Children’ was just voted the best book to have won the Booker Prize in its forty year history. I’ve liked most of the Booker Prize novels I have read.

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Yea! A Robin McKinley fan!! I adore The Blue Sword and The Hero and the Crown.

The book question has been coming up so often, perhaps Flutherites should have a Group on The we could look up book recommendations by our favorite flutherers.

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I only read my selecciones magazine, I love it!

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The wealth of nations, it reads like a good textbook, but it’s still a textbook.

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Those of you who like Robin McKinley would probably like Jane Yolen, also. I am reading “Wish You Well” by David Baldacci, which is not one of his thrillers, but is about children in the 40’s who move from NYC to the Virginia mountains. So far is very good and well written.

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Questions on Fluther!

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Oh, I was a huge fan of Jane Yolen in middle school (um, also when I started in on McKinley I think), but I haven’t read much of her since high school. Still, she was great!

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Rereading A Tree Grows in Brooklyn.

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Right now I have four going.

I’m almost done with The Face on the Cutting Room Floor by Cameron McCabe. It’s about a murder investigation involving an actress and a film editor. It’s from 1937 and neat to see what’s changed and what hasn’t.

The Mystery of Orcival by Emil Gaboriau. The original copyright is 1871, so I’m enjoying reading a work from when the genre was new and still forming.

Swann’s Way by Marcel Proust because I’ve never read him before but was always curious about him. I like this translator. It’s pretty readable, but there’s definitely a slow deliberate mood that doesn’t make for reading out-and-about away from home.

Ecce and Old Earth by Jack Vance. He’s an author my fella likes, so I decided to give him a try. I liked his first book in this series, so I’m continuing it.

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From the corner of his Eye by Dean Koontz
Summer of Night (about a group of boys who deal with the possessed school they once went to)
DreamCatcher by Stephen King (reread)
Night of the Wolf by Anne B (Anne Rice’s sister)
plus various magazines and awaiting him to download his audiobooks of his GPS for me. Orson Scott Card and Cell by Stephen King

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@molly, get on me.

i am reading Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. for the first time.
i’m thinking of calling it quits, though, and reading Breaking Dawn so i can have finally finished the Twilight series.

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I need someone to lend me the last book of the series to read and then I would return it. I only have that one book and I will be done the Potter series. I am still bummed about what happened to DUmbledore but I won’t spoil it for you needle

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I think that this is one of those questions that can be repeated every so often since everyone’s answers will change eventually.

I’m currently reading Stephen Colbert’s I Am America and So Can You!
I also read several different books at the same time. I’m also reading Rant by Chuck P, The Complete Works of Edgar Allen Poe and a book that I just forgot the title of by Francesca Lia Block

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I luove Poe’s works

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you like King or Koontz as well?

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Right now I’m reading several books about writing, and the marketing of writing. Got to set my wheels in motion! For fiction, I’ll read just about anything except romance, Mary Higgins Clark, or Anne Rice. I know I’ll be in the minority, here, but my favorite author is Stephen King. He certainly spins a good horror story, but I love his writing style, too. Of (modern) horror writers, I find him to be the most “literary.” I haven’t liked everything he’s written, but most of it. I like Dean Koontz, too, but his books always feel like a “lighter” read. I also love Carl Hiaasen.

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@Aug; off-thread. Have you read Anne La Mott’s wonderful book on writing called Bird by Bird?

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@gail: Not yet, but I’ll be sure to look into it, now…thanks!

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@augustlan: I really like Stephen King, especially the Dark Tower series and ‘Salem’s Lot. So you are not alone.

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Thanks for the backup.

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I love Stephen King.

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Cyndy do you have the whole series of the Dark Tower? I left off at the Wizard and the Glass and would so love to borrow or buy the series from someone to finish. I have owned or read over 2 dozen or more books of Stephen King. I have read several Koontz as well. I am on From the Corner of His Eye by Koontz. I al read some John Saul and almost EVERY book I can get my hands on. Rare is the book I put down without finishing on purpose (I have had several books disappear thanks to m sister and others)!

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Nice to see I’m really not alone!

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now IT got to me. I spent a week with my boyfriend saying “the turtle can’t help us now” in my sleep

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Rereading “The Tempest” after the monologue question reminded me of the wackiness of the story and the beauty of the language

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@Mitsu: Yes, I have the whole series -somewhere. I still have about 15 boxes of books yet unpacked downstairs. I’ll look over the weekend if you want. Those are common enough, though, that I bet you could reserve them, one at a time, from your local library.

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I never got to read Temoest gail

cyndy my sister ran up nonreturned book charges on my card and since I do not have $169.40 to pay them I can’t use the library and I dont have too much spare funds to buy new.I was gonna join that sharing tree site for books but then I learned you dont get back the book you trade for. It is one thing to lend a book or borrow and then give it back butI am not quite used to losing books I own that I love and would probably reread. Maybe I should put up only those books I am not likely to ever read/reread. Like High Fidelty or something

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@Mitsu – Shakespeare will be there when you are ready ( and long after all of us are dust), I promise you.

Can you take out a new library card using your sister’s or other family member’s name? It seems a pity that you are being penalized for her sloppiness. (Or make her pay the fines.)

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Nowadays due to false ID library cards you must show a valid photo ID to get a library card plus she has her own card that has money owed, and everyone else in the family has one. except my 5 year old brother.

You have to realize not only has my sister done that, she has stolen my whoe DVD and CD collection and a very large percentage of my personal library. Including my firt edition copy of The DaVinci Code!

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@ Mitsu: Can you take out books w. your mom’s card? Librarians love people who read and will try to accommodate them. What’s with your sister anyway? (Can you put a lock on yr bdrom door? Give your mom a spare key.)

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I no longerlive at home for a reason :)

Mom won’t let me or anyone use her card. She believe my sister that I was the one to not return the books, and that I gave an almost $1000 movie and music colletion to her for fun. And that the books she stole from me were hers that I allegedly stole from her. She is the baby and as such can do no wrong. Or at least she was the baby till the 5 yr d was born and adopted. But by then I took most of my stuff and moved out (I am 21 1/2 yrs older than the baby and 6 1/2 yrs older than my sis)

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Sorry about your family mess. It does sound awful. Was the baby your mother’s natural child and put up for adoption or did your mother adopt another’s baby? I still think that you might talk to the librarian about the situation. It is awful that you can’t take books, etc from the library.

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my parwnts adopted the monkey (my nickname for him) shortly after birth. I could try but I doubt it if they wouldnt do anything 3 yrs ago. y sis even tried to take my Learners permit so she could get into bars with her friend

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I wish that I could lend you my card. And things change in three years, plus you are three years older and clearly an adult. Or what about another branch, if you live in a city? Do you have a steady job where your boss might write you a short recommendation?

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I have been an adult for going on a decade now. :) My mom is my boss…...and I live in the suburbs. Next branch is 2 towns over. I know my complaining of this makes me sound young but I think that is the result of having ceased habving a childhood at the age of 13

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gail that is kinda why I hope to borrow books from friends and when I do buy ooks, they are always used. Preferably yard sales and fundraising where paperbacks are like 25 cents each

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Maybe get another job? Even with the best mom (and yours doesn’t sound as tho she fits that catagory), it is not a good idea to work with her.

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That’s my advice for tonight, sweetie. Good luck.

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Good night Gail. And I work for her cuz there are no open jobs around me for the lack of skills I have since I also cant do manual labor (I am partially handicapped)

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Yikes! Mitsu, If I still have those books which I think I do they’re not in any of the top boxes. I’d second what gailcalled said about talking to the librarian. They can occasionally wipe some or all of your fines clean as long as it’s a one time thing. They may surprise you.

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cyndy when I called today to ask they said they can remove one book from the owed list but that is it. It doesn’t help that when I was a kid I had to pay off for a book because my dog gave birth on the one we had checked out so I paid for it out of my allowance (I was like 8 at the time)

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Mitsu, I don’t think they’ll hold something like that against you from when you were 8.

If I were you I’d go make a small payment each month until it’s taken care of. Besides taking off part of the fine they may let you check out books after you get the fine below a certain amount. I know that my library will let people carry up to $15.00 fine and still let you check out books. So, if you have something a little overdue and will eventually get it paid for you don’t have to scrounge cash or go an ATM to check out another book.

Even if you think you’re in the middle of nowhere and your local library doesn’t have as much browsing selection as you’d like, inter-library loans are a thing of beauty. You’d be surprised how much you can get access to that way. Basically, I wouldn’t deprive myself of this access if I were you. I wish you luck.

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I love buying and swapping old used books. LOL Makes it easier to take my time and if my brother (5 yrs old) ends up tearing it like he did my new one last night (Broke he binding and the first 19 chapters fell out) then I am not as worried

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Oh no Mits!!!! Off with his head!!! ;) lol

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I just finished “Twilight” by Stephanie Meyer, am reading “Shipping News” by Annie Proulx and I have a book about angels from a friend of mine that I was to peruse.

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@Tedi: what a treat to be reading Shipping News for the first time. My kids added bad jokes about fried bologna sandwiches and seal cheek pie to their repertoire.

I am in the middle of Sahara, by MIchael Palin, who is not only still a funny guy, but a really good clear and terse writer who ends each chapter with a line that makes me laugh, and a trained, beautiful reader.

He and a film crew from the BBC did a 3 month trek from Gibralter to Morocco, WesternSahara, Mauritania, Mali (where I am now). If you love armchair travel and want to know some fascinating data about the complicated lives people lead in the desert, and what happens when you eat too much camel, this is a book for you.

I learned that Timbuktu is in Mali. Fancy that.

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I’m actually reading a poker article on squidoo. A “how-to” deal, mostly pretty basic info, good beginner stuff.

The last novel I actually read was The Dark Tower, again! I can’t get enough of that book, or the whole series for that matter. It’s my Bible.

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I am reading a great amount of fantage books. I simply adore Fantasy!

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I’m reading Lord of the Rings right now. I’m about halfway through The Fellowship of the Rings and hoping to finish all three before fall semester starts and then begin The Hobbit.

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