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Why don't people take me seriously?

Asked by Klertt (111points) December 15th, 2018

This is a very common problem for me. Everywhere, every time with everyone. Is like they can’t hear me, or like if i don’t exist. And the very few times that people hear me they misunderstand my words and take it like strong language (abuses).

For example people from here. I made a question like a month ago and the first people that answer me don’t believe my words, the first impression of this person was don’t trust in me.

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Why should people trust you, right off the bat? Why should they take you seriously?

Reputation and trust are the product of consistency over time. If you’re words or behavior is outside the bounds of normal activity, people are not going to take you seriously. You need to start slow and build your credibility,

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@elbanditoroso Thank you, your answer is really direct and concrete.
My problem is that this happen with people that i even know for a while( weeks, months or even years). And it is very weird. They just ignore me and that makes me angry.

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Probably because you remind them of Andy Kaufman

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I have found that sometimes if I pose a question about something in the news, there are some that have never heard of the story and are looking for a link. That’s fair. Just because I say something doesn’t make it so and it doesn’t mean I am not slanting things. Sometimes there are those that just don’t like your view point and can be aggressive with you in the hopes you stop posting that viewpoint. I don’t let someone else’s opinions of me (especially on line) dictate what I should think or censor me to stop voicing my opinions. Of course, I’m not really popular with some of the jellies on Fluther! But I’m not trying to gain their approval, I’m doing or saying what I think needs to be said.
I think the bigger question for you is: Why do you really care what other people think of you?

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Ignore the daft buggers on here, they love the sound of their own voices & you’d seriously cross the street to avoid the clowns if ever you had the misfortune of bumping into them :D

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@ucme I disagree! I think if I met some on these pages on the street, I’d make sure I bumped into them with vigor! ;-)

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@seawulf575 I feel I must remind you at this juncture that violence, whilst justified, must not be condoned & besides, a lot of them are lock-in stay at homies making a chance meeting highly unlikely :D

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Just come here more and then we can figure it out. @ucme and @seawulf are great guys, definately not like the rest on this site.

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Haha, place your bets here on who the first butthurt snowflake to show their face will be.
I know who my money’s on :D

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@ucme you’re right…we shouldn’t condone violence. But we can at least think about it, can’t we? Just a little bit?

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