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Where you live, what is the color of the light pollution (if any)?

Asked by rebbel (28641points) December 16th, 2018

I live in a pretty densely populated area of our country, with much greenhouses in close vicinity.
Therefore, the light pollution in my neck of the woods is orange.

I wonder, is that just here, is it because of the greenhouses, or is it orange everywhere?
Is it differently colored in your place?

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Right now it’s multi colored because of the Christmas lights. But usually it’s the yellowish colors of all the street lights.

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I live on a very populous freeway corridor between New York City and Boston so our light pollution is pretty white, but this time of year it’s colorful.
I miss the stars.

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Mostly orange from sodium street lights. The city is switching to white LEDs so that is changing.

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Most older American cities have orange vapor sodium lighting and from space the US looks yellow orange.

Much of Japan is blue-green.

I’m in Florida, USA.

Here’s a video from space of the world at night.

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Sorry for a second post, here is an article of the light variation showing an example with Japan and Korea.

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Orange in the Netherlands…ya don’t say!!
With all the xmas lights on just about every building, around here is a twinkling mass of multi colouredness.

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If I look to the south east the sky is tinted orange. Looking to the north the sky is dark since it is over Lake Ontario with the Canadian shore ~50 miles away. .

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Well, I live in a very small mid western town. I don’t think it’s any particular color. If it looks yellowish that means a storm is brewing. That yellowish light also turns the green stoplights into a blueish color. From a distance it gently glows white.

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I’m in Australia in a city that never had a lot of lighting, so the stargazing is great. You can see the Milky Way right here in my backyard.

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I can see the Milky Way too.

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Right now I’m looking outside and there are street lights both orange and white, and a little in the distance higher up are lots of flashing red lights on towers to help the airplanes not crash into the towers. The Palm Beach airport is not very far away.

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