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How can I break into a WEP network with a Mac?

Asked by gsiener (438points) August 22nd, 2008

I’ve got a MacBook running Leopard. I always scold my friends for using WEP instead of the more secure WPA, but I’ve never been able to “break in.”

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Did you try googling it?

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Do you want to hack into thier files or just get internet access?\

And do they have a password?

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I want to access a network. Yes I’ve searched google but am unable to get KisMAC working—looks like they don’t have a compatible driver. Hence my question specific to my hardware, a MacBook.

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I’ve got a MBP and I run kismet and airsnort on it. Googling it will provide you with a plethora of information. Why wont kismac work for you? Did you compile it yourself? What driver is your macbook using? I got kismac to work out the box for me. You need to be aware that not every part of kismac works with every driver. You have to choose the correct one. I used the active mode driver for the apple airport extreme and I crashed the whole thing. I switched to the passive mode driver and got it smokin in about 10 seconds. HTH.

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