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Is there an Android app that prevents butt dialing and does not require many permissions?

Asked by LuckyGuy (39206points) December 17th, 2018

When I hang up my phone, occasionally I slide my thumb over a contact and make an unwanted call. That is very annoying – for me and the person I called.
I want an app that slows the process down.

I found some apps called Call Confirm that seem to do what I want, but the permissions seem excessive.
Do you know of one that works and can be trusted?

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Something else you might try is to go into SETTINGS -> ACCESSIBILITY and set “Power button ends call”.

This way, you don’t have to press the “end call” screen button, and you might not accidentally then hit another contact.

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@notnotnotnot That is a great idea! I will see if that’s an option on the Motorola Moto X4.

I kstill want an app that slows down the process. Surely there must be something out there.

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Fat thumbs

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I took @notnotnotnot ‘s advice and set my phone to Power button hangs up call. It works great!!
I also added a Call Confirm App and that, too, works great. Before the phone dials it asks me to “confirm or cancel”. i hit “confirm” and it dials! Beautiful!
It is just one more step. No more butt dialing for me.

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