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What are the least likely food items to be contaminated?

Asked by flo (12904points) December 17th, 2018

That is that don’t need to be recalled for bacteria like e-coloi, listeria, etc.?
And why? Is onion one of them?

Edited to add.

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Honey has been known to last four thousand years. Just heat and serve.

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Onions and garlic are both sort of natures antibiotics. Onions have a high sulfur content (which is what makes you cry). Kinda hard to grow bacteria in that. I’ve never heard of a contamination on root vegetables…potatoes, carrots, beets, etc. Not sure if you COULD grow bacteria on these, though typically they are skinned before using. Another thing to consider is how the food is eaten. Is it cooked to a high enough temperature? We don’t typically cook Romaine so any bacteria does not get killed before you eat it.

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Good points @Yellowdog and @seawulf575.

So, it seems it’s mostly lettuce tomatoes spinach,, ....

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Salty food or dried fish.

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Potato chips. Too dry and salty.

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How about out of all the produce?

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