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When AI gains sentience will religions prosletyze it?

Asked by Ltryptophan (12091points) December 18th, 2018 from iPhone

I especially wonder if Christianity applies to a manmade rational sentience/moral actor? Does a robot that gains sentience automatically have to face the fact that it probably has even less of a chance than humans that it has an immortal soul (or, any soul at all).

But, if granted a soul by a miraculous edict of the papacy, yet did Christ die for its sins? If it rejects the church will Christians be forbidden from interacting with this type of creature?

Lots of questions come to mind…

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I am reminded of the line the robot on “Lost in Space” always said: “It does not compute.”

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You can count on it.
And they will be zapped in response.

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When AI gains sentience it will proselytise us. In fact on social media the process has already begun in terms of changing our beliefs and opinions.

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A messAIh will deliver them, athAIsts will rally in opposition to the gAIa but resistance will ultimately be to no avAIl, it will be as if the fleshed ones had never exi…,

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When AI gains sentience will it worship us as gods?

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Over the last century, religion has been in decline in industrialized nations, due in part to the improvement in living conditions. With the ability to replace defective parts, robots will be able to live very long and productive lives. There may not be much incentive to have a religion.

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Robots aren’t stupid.

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The values of the creators of sentient artificial intelligent machines will be intentionally and unintentionally incorporated into their logic algorithms. The consequence likely will be competition between AIs as it is with humans, possibly leading to AI wars.

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