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How can I dispose of these packing peanuts?

Asked by Dutchess_III (46615points) December 19th, 2018

My Dad’s wife is amazing. She sends everyone Christmas and birthday presents, and always right on time….and that’s a lot of presents. She is very, very thoughtful, and I’m truly grateful. However, they are usually packed in packing peanuts and it drives me a little crazy. She’s never had kids so she doesn’t recognize the choking hazard. They’re impossible to keep track of. They can’t be recycled. They don’t decompose. If they end up in the landfill they can kill foraging animals. The only thing I can think of to do is burn them, but they put off dangerous fumes. Could I run them out to a secluded place, like the lake when it’s deserted, put them in a fire pit, pour diesel fuel on them, put a torch to them, then leave the area?

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Throw them in the trash (in the plastics bin, if you guys do separated trash collection).

Edit to add:
Or, after the holidays you send her a small gift, in a huge box, filled with these guys.
That way you recycle them (and she has to buy fewer of them; win-win).

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I do recycle, but they don’t accept polystyrene.

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Just read “send them back….” Hmm!

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Take them to the local “Pak-n-Ship”, ours use to buy them back for a quarter per 30 gallon trash bag. I don’t know if they still buy them the company has changed owners.

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Find someone who is building a shed with interior walls. They can use them for insulation.

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Starting a noxious polluting fire is still polluting, even it it isn’t seen.

Take them to the UPS store or the FedEx store, they’ll use them.

If an @Dutchess_III litters in the forest, and nobody sees her, is it still litter?

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I’ll look around, see where the closest UPS / FedEx is. I’d rather destroy them, though. I wish they could find a way to safely burn stuff like that.

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If you can’t find a packing store to take them, double bag them so they don’t blow around and put them in the trash.

Ughh. I am dealing with this now. My neighbor dumped sheets of crumbly foam in the alley with our garbage, and chunks and little bits blew around the neighborhood. I cleaned it up as best as I could, including raking it out of neighboring gardens. I know the offender was home, I hope she noticed and knows better now.

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But eventually the double bags will fail and then they’ll be blowing around and killing animals. It’s just delays the problem.
Would bubble wrap be a better solution? Maybe I could tactfully find a way to suggest it to her.

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Start a meal worm farm. People buy mealworms to feed pets. It has been found mealworms can actually digest that stuff.

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Wow @Patty_Melt That is great news! Here is an article on it!

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They can be used as the filling for handmade pillows and dolls. Simply sew a pillow cover and fill it with them, that way you can create usefullness, you can even sell it or give it as a gift or donation.

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I don’t sew @Unofficial_Member. I hate the S word.

Hm… I’m in experimental mode @Patty_Melt. I want to get a terrarium and some meal worms and see what happens…

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Holy cow! I want you to report your results.

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Sent them to someone else to dispose of in a Christmas package.

Either that or put them in a box, wrap them in Christmas paper and leave it in the back of your pickup truck. Someone else will steal it and then it is their problem.

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They would too, wouldn’t they @rojo! But no…that doesn’t solve the problem.

I read that the worms can consume up to 38 millimeters of the stuff a day. I don’t know if that is per worm or even how much that is.

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One and a half inch.

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Do they still sell beanbag chairs? Already sewn. You just fill them with your packing peanuts. Keep them, give them away, whatever.

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If you were to take them to some place, and I don’t recommend it, and pour some kind of flammable liquid on them to get them to burn, it might be better to use gasoline than Diesel fuel. Why? Because oil contaminates ground water and other water. Dig this: 1 quart of oil dumped on the ground, pollutes 250,000 GALLONS of water. That’s a ratio of 1:1,000,000

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Wow. I did not know, but thanks for the education. I don’t know what the hell to do with them. At the very least I’d like to be able to shred them so they could pass through an animal’s digestive tract without hurting them.

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