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Do you see portable stove/burner hot plate, shown in the detail without having to really search?

Asked by flo (12904points) December 19th, 2018

So, I don’t mean search on the internet, I mean just accidentally come across it, and not just once in a while. (Google stove portable)
I mean just in passing, or the in flyers, (where you find microwaves and other cooking related items)? Or do you have to work hard to find it in specialty stores?

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I have two of the Iwatani portable stoves and love them. You can buy them at any Asian Market.
Or online of course.

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@LuckyGuy This question actually makes sense to you?

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Yes, in your details it’s the last one.

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@stanleybmanly I think i got it? Those stoves are not very common here in the US. You don’t usually see them in stores. Most people just use their kitchen stoves or a Coleman unit when camping.
I bought mine while in Japan. It is perfect for a Hotpot dinner where you have the stove and the pot boiling in the center of the dining table. Most Americans don’t eat this way. They are missing a fun experience.

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I don’t nituce them being sold much, but I’m not often in the section of a store that would have them. Try Walmart I think? I looked for an induction burner a while back, and like you said, you can find them online, but I hadn’t noticed them in stores, but never really looked. I never see them in flyers or other brochure and ads for stores.

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Thanks @LuckyGuy and @JLeslie. I used to see them (the ordinary kinds) in passing until a couple of years or so ago.
@rebbel I put it in my detail, that I’m not asking about internet search. I put the link just for reference purposes.

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