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What do you think of my top TV series in the relative categories? (shows follow)

Asked by luigirovatti (2869points) December 20th, 2018

For the people
Better Call Saul
The Good Doctor
House of Cards

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I think House of Cards has really gone downhill, especially the latest season.

The pilot for The Good Doctor was alright but the show has devolved into a tedious mess.

I’ve only seen a few episodes of Bull but I can definitely say that I really dislike the characters. Haven’t seen the rest of the shows you’ve listed

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^No! I love The Good Doctor!
I also like For the People.
I don’t watch the rest.

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I really liked House of Cards until Spacey got booted.

I wish he asked to be kept in the show without pay with his character suffering and dying a painful death. He was pure evil genius after all.

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Are you only listing current shows?
No House, Boston Legal, or Law & Order?

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