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Would Trump tap Rush Limbaugh or Ann Coulter to replace Gen. Mattis?

Asked by mazingerz88 (26240points) December 21st, 2018 from iPhone

Or any other conservative TV, radio and Twitter personality perhaps.

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He would certainly tap Ann Coulter.

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Wow, scary thoughts.

Neither of them would take it, because the job of Defense Secretary is too much like work and having real responsibility.

And neither of them has any idea what responsibility means.

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No, I would be skeptical they are in any way qualified for that position.

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Would you, though?

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A Kardashian perhaps?
Or Ye?

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@ragingloli Would I replace a 4 star General as Sec of Defense? If I were qualified, I would certainly consider serving my country, sure.

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Question is not whether we would but whether Trump would and I think that there it has to be considered a distinct possibility. Now, how the Congress would react? That is the question.

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Realistically, it is unlikely that any of the 3 of them would entertain such hopes as Secretary of Defense. And even if Limbaugh or Coulter were eager for the job, both have enough sense to be wary of the pitfalls and hazards of working for Trump.

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@stanleybmanly But don’t forget Hannity. He has the ego to believe he can do it.

And there is always Alex Jones and he has war experience. Well, Infowars anyway.

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Coulter & Limbaugh are of course extremes to make a point, but Trump’s troubles with finding a suitable candidate are monumental. The fool’s rep at this point is SO bad that NOBODY with a brain bigger than a walnut wants to work for him. Trump’s appointments fall into 2 categories with a whopping percentage fulfilling both. They’re either inept and unqualified or distinguished for their criminal tendencies. The exceptions to this rule are faced with being marked by the stench emanating from immersion in the taint. Who wants that?

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Nothing surprises me with Trump. The chaos is growing in the White House. I just hope America can survive the next two years because I don’t think it can survive another six years of this.

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I’m not sure of the legality, but it seems Trump will be the only person in the Whitehouse eventually. He might retain his direct family members.

America is on the fast track to a dictatorship…

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The resignation letter was also pretty funny.
Essentially, it was “Drumpf is running everything into the ground, and I will have no part in this any longer. Find some other idiot yes-man for this shit.”

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