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How did China pay for its great wall?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (19455points) December 22nd, 2018

Did they get Mongolia to pay for it? Humour welcome.

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Slave labor is cheap.

The interesting thing about the Great Wall, is that it didn’t stop the Mongolians. It helped. But wasn’t entirely effective. Considering that technology has evolved a bit in the thousands of years since, and it makes the idea of a wall in 2018 laughable.

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It wasn’t all that laughable. Like the great wall and gate in King Kong, it made them think.

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Besides, it took more than 2000 years to build. This nation won’t be around in 2000 years, and maybe not even the planet. It’s a real shame that the powers dominating the world are playing a game of Risk instead of trying to protect what’s good and make the rest better.

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Nowadays they pay and maintain it with tax money the government get from running various sweatshops in the country.

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They used CHEAP labor…aka SLAVE labor & it took a really long time to finish & Americans are NOT that patient!!!!!!

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The Chinese Imperial Wizards enlisted the services of a filthy and cruel orange dragon to scare peasants into building the wall.

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It was paid for through taxation but unlike Trump’s “steel slat barrier” which would look awful the Great Wall of China looks fabulous.

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I suggest lego blocks instead of steel slats. Win win. (For Denmark, i.e.)

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