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I have viruses and spyware on a windows partition on my mac...what now?

Asked by RandomMrdan (7436points) August 22nd, 2008

I am currently running scans to find viruses on my mac side…but I’m scanning my windows partition. Is there anything else I should be doing to get rid of all this crap? If anyone has had a similar problem, let me know what you did. Perhaps it could be some help.

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if you find viruses and other spyware just erase the partition and re-install. Best way to get rid of things you don’t want. I did that with my Windows partition.

And I would also look at what you are doing on your windows. Downloading stuff maybe. Could you do it on your mac side? That would prevent future viruses.

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I considered wiping it and reinstalling…but honestly, I don’t want to go through reinstalling all my games and applications and so on…

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then you should buy an anti-virus and hope it grabs everything.

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I second willbrawn. Wipe the partition and re-install everything if you are having trouble cleaning out the viruses. Are you booting into Windows into safemode and running your anti-spyware and anti-virus programs? If not you should try that next.
I have my mac setup with boot camp, but I never use the windows side for surfing the web or installing freeware. I only use it for games and other windows only applications. This will prevent such an occurrence in the future.

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If you really don’t want to trash the partition then I’d suggest running an AV. Try PC-Cillin if you have more than one computer you’d like to throw it on. If you wanna go the free route, try link AVG free. Run the virus scans after updating and all that. Secondly grab link ccleaner (download the slim build) which will help remove any cookies or any other garbage files from your computer. I’d run the registry scan on it as well, but make sure you back it up first. Next, grab the free version of link adaware and update and run that. After that reboot and see if it’s any better.

I agree with the above posters that you really should toast it and start anew, but it’s your world so go for it. I understand starting from scratch is a pain, but I’d rather start over than have it affect me for a week or two and end up having to do it anyways. You should also, just do your browsing in OS X instead of xp. You’ll be safer and better off that way. I’d also suggest running xp as a virtual machine through bootcamp as the above poster does, that way you can keep your workflow going while playing games. HTH.

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