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Need help to get my girl to want me sexually?

Asked by sillyboy (4points) August 22nd, 2008

she wants to but does not want to be hurt because of past marriages and relationships

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give her time.if she has been hurt in the past then its understandable she wants to wait. spoil her show her you love her for her, dont push her too much or she will think you only want her for 1 thing. hope this helps.

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also do little things for her like rub her shoulders or hug her at random but show severe restraint about wanting nothing in return from her until she is comfortable with you

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Leave her alone, then.

Be patient.

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patience, patience… and you will see that when the time comes, you´ll be gratefull for waiting

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Give her time and lots of reassurance. While you may be frustrated, her fears trump that. I’m not saying that out of some kind of female solidarity, but because you being in tune with her emotionally is only going to help you later on.

It’s a cliche’, but in this case, patience is a virtue.

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Make a mask that looks like my avatar and wear it.

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it’s been said but can never be said too much.

be patient!

don’t pressure the girl into something she doesn’t want. it’s only common sense.

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Something doesn’t compute… You two haven’t been intimate yet – no sweat, but how long has she been your girl? Romantic optimism aside, how old are you? And she?

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If she doesn’t want to right now, and you know this, why would you continue to try to get her there before she is ready to be there?

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Sorry for a personal question, but how about finding yourself one that does?

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