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What do you think the Trump supporters will say when Trump is impeached?

Asked by Dutchess_III (41904points) December 24th, 2018

I think there is a very good chance that he will, based on criminal and treasonous behavior. What excuses for it will his supporters make?

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They will cry left wing conspiracy.
I guarantee it.

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“It’s the media’s fault!”.

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They’ll say it’s a waste of time and tax payers money. That’s what I said when Clinton was impeached.

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I actually agree in Clinton’s case. But trump is a different story. I think he’ll be fired, and then go to jail.

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I’m just guessing what they’ll say, as the question asked.

I’m sure some republicans will be on board with being very suspicious of Trump, but initially, the majority of them, and especially hard core Trump supporters will call it a witch hunt and a waste.

I predict this the same way I predicted republicans would bring up the government shutting down under Obama and Clinton when there was the threat of Trump causing a shut down present day. Everyone forgets everything. It’s so obvious.

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What else? Lock her up, of course!

: )

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It will depend on what exactly he is impeached for. There have to be grounds that most reasonable people can agree on. For my part being Trump itself should be an impeachable offence but that’s just me.

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It was just a witch hunt. He’s done nothing wrong. There is no proof that he did anything wrong.

Same thing they have been saying all along.

Don’t confuse them with the facts. They don’t like that.

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I think it would depend on many things. What the charges were, where did the evidence come from, how thorough was the investigation, etc. If it came down like Clinton did, I would say the same thing I said then…what a dumbass.
But here’s an alternate thought…what will the Trump haters say when he ISN’T impeached?

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“Many things.” Interesting observation referring to a man who is about as complicated as a 3 year old.

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Back around 1976, I went to a one-man show in San Francisco. In the middle of the show, the actor went into a short rant about how crooked Nixon was. Some of the audience booed!
This was 2 years after he resigned to escape impeachment, after many of the damaging tapes became available. It was crazy how some people couldn’t accept the facts.
In the 90’s, the same actor returned to SF, restaging the same play. Even then, over 20 years later, some of the audience booed that part.

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They will say, We’re done with the wall guy, bring on the dome dude!

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@Dutchess_lll No, “Many things” refers to the circumstances surrounding the impeachment effort, not the person. Look at the Kavanaugh hearing. What a farce. Wanting to shred a guy’s reputation and keep him from his appointment based on only an unsubstantiated accusation of an event that was supposed to have happened 30+ years before. If that’s all there is for “evidence” then no, I would disagree with impeachment. And personally, I feel the Mueller investigation has been weak at best. There are many questions that are being asked that Mueller just glossed over. He never did go back to look at where the Steele Dossier came from or how it was verified. And that is a huge source of information for him. He didn’t get into any of the questions about the FISA warrants. He is looking at peripheral crimes for a lot of people involved with Trump and claiming it comes from the “other items discovered” category, yet never wants to look at anything that might lead to Comey or the DNC or Clinton which are far more integral into the investigation. Nothing. Now that’s not to say Mueller can’t find something, but it does show a connived investigation.

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^^^ Getting a head start on the excuses. The longer the rant the more compelling the argument must be, right?

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Nothing new. I think what I am saying is what has been said from the beginning. At least what I have said from the beginning. I have no problem with looking into “Russian interference” provided you do it fairly and equitably. That is not what Mueller is doing.

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Yes, that is what he is doing.
You can cry seawolf all you want, it does not conjure the canines into existence.

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