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Not every single unfiltered thought that pops out of your mind should be a question here, right?

Asked by yesitszen (1951points) 1 month ago

Seriously, you really don’t have to ask every think you think of in the form of a question here, Alex.

If you are just musing or thinking out loud… don’t stop to ask it here.

If it was just asked recently, why not add to the thread there.

And please, take a second to check grammar and spelling.

There are people you can consult on this. What, there was no time? It’s an emergency question? Call 911 not Fluther.

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Kel mal tak Ta’uri.

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No. I’m saving lots of money on therapy.

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I was raised in a period of time when we were encouraged to question authority and as there is no greater authority than your own, then you should always question it.

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I agree but just to a point, why ask a bunch of strangers on the internet if you might be pregnant when your Doctor is the one you really should be asking after you take the home test and it comes up yes.
And to ask a question that is easily answered in five seconds on Google.
But a lot of questions even if a lot of people might find them dull, the asker is wanting a human perspective on it, and I totally understand that.
What gets me is the people that find it dull or stupid have to add their 2 cents and bitch about it instead of just skipping it and moving on to a question that they do like.

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Or two seconds..

” really don’t have to ask every think you think of…”
“And please, take a second to check grammar and spelling.”

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@rebbel It was, of course, written intentionally.

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I had not thought of that.

Response moderated (Flame-Bait)
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من هو أليكس هل حقا يحبني أم أنه يستخدمني؟

man hu ‘aliks hal haqana yuhbuni ‘am ‘anah yastakhdimuni?

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Apparently some members (not just newbies, or folks for whom English is not their first language) are allowed to ask any kind of questions they want, even if they aren’t even in the form of a question, even if there are misspellings and grammar issues, and even when some of the Jellies can’t figure out what is being asked.

I get that there are only 3 Mods, but some Jellies have pointed out that they regularly get their
Q’s sent back for one tiny typo, while others get to post multiple nonsensical Q’s. It doesn’t make sense.

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Well, maybe they’re thinking there is a difference between a one hit wonder and an actual member. Maybe they don’t want to scare a potential new member off by spanking them right away @Kardamom.

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I am not referring to a new member.

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Answering this “so called” question is a waste of time! He said, providing a second answer

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Right. At least a little filtering of your stream of consciousness would be nice. Even if you* do think the rest of us exist only as little imaginary beings who live inside your computer.


*Generic, indefinite “you,” not referring to @yesitszen personally.

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Some do need to get a life outside of this forum.

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@kritiper What is the outside life you speak of?

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Anything other than sitting at one’s computer (or other device) all day long and answering questions here. Ya know, doing other stuff…

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@kritiper I got groceries twice today. Does that count?

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@RedDeerGuy1 I got groceries three times today !

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How long did it take you to go to the store compared to how long you were on this site?

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2 hours shopping and 1 – 5 minutes every hour on Fluther. Im good with it.

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Did you think we were all talking just about you?

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@kritiper Yes. Honest mistake. Sorry.

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No prob. Sometimes ya just gotta do what ya gotta do.

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What is with this sudden flurry of people asking questions of the person who posted just above you, then denying they asked them the question? Is it a communication issue?

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Are you talkin’ to me?

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I think it’s more of a “Where do you stand/What’s your position/What’s your exact POV” on the subject. I wasn’t having a communication issue, if anyone wants to know…

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