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What is Fluther writing to you today?

Asked by Qav (668points) 1 month ago

When I open my page, Fluther greets me on the upper-right side of the screen. The greeting changes often. One greeting said,
“We think we’re falling in love with you.
(Now,) “Log out”

Another said,
“You have that certain je ne sais quoi.
(Now,) “Log out”

Depending upon the message, sometimes, I think they want me to go away for now.

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This is what mine said and I just pasted it…
This place was a real dive until you arrived!

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@Qav you realize, I hope, that Fluther has about 10 saved comments like that, and we all see them randomly and ignore them regularly.

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Oh, yes @elbanditoroso! But I think it’s fun anyway. Kind of cute that they decided to do it. <grin>

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“You smell. Take a “shower”.”

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“Don’t tell the others, but we like you best.”

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I look mahvelous.

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That this color looks great on me.

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This is what I’m saying today on Fluther, “It’s nice to have an intelligent new member!”

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I hadn’t noticed before but it says “Can we hold hands and skip together?”

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We love you, warts and all.
Log out

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Bees can have warts?

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Mine says “You are the most intelligent member here!?”

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Let’s have a staring context.

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Just saw this one: be honest, does this java script make me look fat?

There was an audition for new lines a while ago but I didn’t see this one brought up. Must have been added recently.

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You look smashing.

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^You’re the bees knees.

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Mine says“tag, you’re it” quickly passed on to @chyna

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Viagra…we have stiff for that!!

I guess some members are feeling a little flat.

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“Your hair looks really, really good today.”
Um, thanks?

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That’s not true, you look nothing like the Chupacabra.

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“We kept a seat warm for you.”

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@Tropical_Willie the toilet seat?

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“Either put some tape over your camera lens, or put on some pants.”

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“You’re just in time”
Makes you wonder if older members have gotten tired of these repeated, random sayings.

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No such pleasantries on the mobile app.

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That’s ok, we love you anyway.

Something I want to hear when I mess up.

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“How can we miss you, when you won’t go away?”

“Please, PLEASE Log out!”

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@Brian1946 What did you do to deserve that? ~

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We remember you when you were just zen.

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“Let’s Q&A together.” Ok. I’m in.

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Evidently I am welcome to crash on their couch. Today at least…

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Fluther said that to me because the only time I logout is to switch accounts, i.e., I virtually never go away.

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I was just invited to “hold hands and skip together.” Hah! Sorry. I need both my hands in case I fall.

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