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If there was a famine, and one or more of your children died of starvation, would you eat the carcass to feed yourself?

Asked by ragingloli (46728points) December 30th, 2018

Would you let this meat, regardless of how little there may be, go to waste?

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What a peculiar little mind.

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Even a brute like me draws a line of decency somewhere.

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My children are all older and out of the house. But in answer to your question, no…I would not eat my children. I would be hard pressed to eat ANY human. Since I have never at death’s door because of starvation, I can’t say I wouldn’t, but I have a few things in my make up that would say no. The first is that I understand that everyone dies. Dying of starvation is just slower and more annoying than some other ways. I understand how to forage and hunt and I have the tools to do that, so I would be able to eat for a long, long time. And the idea of actually eating a human makes me nauseous.

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Personally speaking I love children but I couldn’t eat a whole one.

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It’s not off the table. (little @ucme joke)

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(I’m adding this one to the Top Ten list of @ragingloli‘s greatest hits.)

I really don’t each much, so I doubt that I could devour an entire child.

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No, I would let you eat him, loli. Noblesse oblige.

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Sounds like what an animal will do in the wild, which is justified. No, I won’t do that. The brief feeling of stomach satisfaction will eventually be overpowered by lifetime feeling of guilt and self-hatred from doing such a thing.

What is more pragmatic is that if possible I will simply sell their bodies to be eaten by other people instead of them rotting in the graveyard.

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With Fava beans and a Chianti served, sure.
I don’t get the famine remark…..

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Is there ketchup??

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No. I’d rather starve to death. There are worse things than dying, and they all involve living.

@rebbel it is assumed you woudn’t consider something like that unless you were literally starving to death, as in hadn’t eaten in a month and everyone around you is dying from starvation.

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@Dutchess_III I’d put it for comic effect…
(and failed….;-) )

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I would munch on Raggy though. Do we get to cook it?

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Not my own children or anybody I knew and watched slowly starve and die. I sometimes think I could eat off of a dead, frozen human, like in that movie. Which is funny, cause I don’t eat meat. But who am I kidding? Dying isn’t scary to me.

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“Alive,” @tinyfaery. And the Donner Party.
Survival is the most powerful instinct we have. Stronger than our sex drive. You get desperate enough there are things you can’t believe you’d do.

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A lot of people choose to donate their children’s organs to save the lives of others.

Yet I doubt most would offer their children’s bodies for consumption even if it meant saving a life.

I think it’s a cultural thing. As there are other cultures that practice funerary cannibalism.

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It would so depend on the situation but I would not say I would not. And, I hope if it was me that went first they would utilize me the same way.

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Oh, I would definately give them orders to utilize me.
I guess it would depend, too, on how old the child is or was.

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Well, the younger the more tender @Dutchess_III

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I’m going to have to destroy you @rojo !!

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This is a sick, evil way to approach the New Year. I hereby resolve that the New Year will be exponentially sicker and more evil.

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Oh noooo!! Well, I, for one, refuse to have any more children. That shall be my New Years resolution.

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I suppose I would. I might be so hungry that I could rationalize it in a few ways.

For those who say no, would you want your kids to survive by eating you, if the question is reversed?

The fact that there actually could be, and surely have been circumstances where this question is relevant is further proof of no loving God. It may be further proof that if there is some sort of God, it is sadistic…

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As I said, it would depend on how old the children were. If they were adult, maybe. An actual young child, no. It may keep me alive but in the end I could’t live with that knowledge. As a parent, our #1, over reaching law, buried so deep in us, is to protect our children at all costs. For normal people that’s true, any way.

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^I have read about people who were chained away, or buried alive. Often the skeletons have teeth marks on the forearms. The conclusion is that their extreme hunger drew them to literally eat themselves… Not a nice concept, but I think that if the situation presented itself, more would do it than they think.

Morality is really a convenience. Circumstances can change human behavior quickly, and in alarming ways…

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@MrGrimm I’ve heard cannibals get tremors, fun fact.

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@MrGrimm888 I agree that morality is a social construct. I also think that lying and stealing is OK sometimes. However, I think our feelings about our children run much, much deeper and are much more ancient than that. It’s a hard feeling to explain to someone who has never felt that way.
All female mammals will fight to the death for their defenseless off spring.
The reality is I would give all of the food to my children first. There is a good chance I would die first.
If I didn’t, and I used them to survive, I would take my own life, sooner or later.

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Primarily, 0 great question, another triumph, well done.

Secondarily, sorry to hear about the famine and the concomitant bereavement.

Tertiarily, we stocked up on locusts upon the bright new dawn of the plague at the start of the famine.

To lose one child to famine and cannibalism is unfortunate but to lose a second child smacks of poor home economics and carelessness.

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Dutch. If you have more than one child, and/or they are very young, you would sort of have an obligation to eat one…. Without you surviving, the other kids will all perish…

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My kid wouldn’t starve because it would be eating @ragingloli’s kid.

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^^^Would you prepare that like calamari?

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@rojo Long Pork does best when cooked like brisket, slow roasted amd then pulled from the bone.

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I’m trying to imagine a famine where we have the luxury of slow roasting foods!

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You could make donnar kebabs!

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Served chilled. We are a sick bunch, you know that?! ~

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It’s all about the sauce…

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