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Would you rather have the ability to teleport or stop time?

Asked by Magnus (2871points) August 22nd, 2008

I had an epic discussion with some of my buds today.
What’s better in your opinion, I’d go for the stop-time. Because you can do whatever you want with no regard for laws or anything.

To avoid confusion, the time stopping includes the ability to e.g. get in a car and start and drive it while everything is still paused.

The teleportation features instant teleportation, no charging it, and you can teleport anywhere, even places you can’t see (kinda like that movie ‘Jumper’ but without the mediocrity).

Having any of the abilities requires that you keep it 100% confidential, a plus for the time stopping. Because you can’t teleport when people see you, but then again, you have to remember to start the time again where you left off if people saw you.

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having to keep it a secret makes this difficult. Do you age while time is stopped?

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Yes you do I’m afraid. But who cares, you only pause time for minutes.

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You ought to read Nicholson Baker’s book The Fermata which is all about a fellow who can stop time with a flick of his glasses. Good read.

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Teleport. I’d get bored not being able to interact with people because they are frozen.

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At the price of gas and other travel, I would much rather have the “teleport”. Let the time take care of itself, I’m used to it by now.

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can people teleport with you if you hold there hand???

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Minutes add up, and if you use the time stop many times, eventually, wouldn’t you be even older than your grandparents? (exaggeration?.. :\)

I’d choose to teleport, no aging at ALL. haha. in fact, it sounds like it saves time, getting to where you need to quicker, and lots of other places.. without the need of an airplane ticket.

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Teleport, so I could see those I love whenever I wanted to. It would be so nice to be able to just appear in my SO’s room (400 miles away, for this month) and give him a goodnight smooch. Or to pop home and give my lizard a treat and a headpat.

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Teleport! So many possibility with that. ;D

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