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How can a single dog-walker walk fifteen dogs?

Asked by mazingerz88 (26678points) January 1st, 2019 from iPhone

Always wondered how this one guy at a park could handle walking that many dogs —- without being eventually dragged on the ground.

Could there be actual training for that sort of skill?

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The collars probably have spikes on the inside to discourage the dogs from pulling.
At least, that is what I would do.

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Sure there could be, and no doubt is somewhere, developed training for it. Certainly there is a skill, both for dog handling, and for leading groups of fifteen.

The dogs also have some training in behaving appropriately in general with other dogs and other leash-holders – I’m sure some dogs would have more problems than others.

Moreover, I think it helps immensely that dogs naturally tend to relate to being in a pack.

And of course, there are dog sled teams…

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Most professional dog walkers won’t take on four-footed clients that are poorly behaved.

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The key word is likely “park.” If the dogs are being walked within a confined area without traffic, there are very few dangers. The pack might get a bit unwieldy and spread out, but there’s no risk of dogs leaving a sidewalk and get hit by cars.

But, I have to wonder how the dogs get to the park. Does their walker need to take them through risker terrain to reach and leave the destination? I would be concerned about that.

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Single, married – not really a relevant criterion.

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They use a leash coupler that allows them to use one leash & allows the dogs to feel like a member of a pack. The dogs work together while the walker is the Alpha of the pack.

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Enlightening answers of course. Thanks jellies!

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