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How do you feel about Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez?

Asked by Caravanfan (4989points) January 2nd, 2019

She hasn’t been seated in Congress yet, and I don’t agree with all of her politics, but so far I’ve been quite impressed by her activism and charisma and her ability to withstand sexist attacks from the right and fire back with aplomb.

For one, this neoliberal globalist and mildly neoconservative Democrat is really rooting for her to do well. I hope she lasts a few election cycles and ultimately runs for higher office. I’d vote for her.

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She’s new and inexperienced, but I think she’s smart and will learn her way around Congress fast. I’m pretty progressive so I agree with her political views. I hope she continues to push her green deal with Democratic leaders in Congress. She’s a great representative for millennials and I hope she’s successful in her future endeavors.

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@lastexit yes I agree with you.

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I haven’t developed much of an opinion on her yet.

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She’s out there, and portends manifest difficulties for traditional democratic machine politics.

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Well, she got crushed today. She realized that having a lot of Twitter and Instagram followers does not necessarily mean you get your way in the House. My respect for her has dipped a bit. I’m still willing to give her a chance.

(And Mods, thanks for moderating the question—my mistake was embarrasing)

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And now I see a video of her dancing on a roof. Respect points go up a bit.

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Don’t be shocked. Of course the veterans are going to slap her around if only to spite her impertinence. She’s young and eager. This little lesson will let us know about her stamina and resilience. It’s about whether she can take a punch and avoid the mistake of “walking into a propeller” again.

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