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Can I, a Google and Android guy, step over to iOS (iPad)

Asked by rebbel (30933points) January 3rd, 2019

I’m debating purchasing an iPad.
My laptop is getting old and s l o w, and I don’t lug it with me while traveling (can’t afford the extra weight).
An iPad seems perfect; it can easily run photo editing apps and the like, I understand from reviews.
It’s light.
And I think that watching a YouTube or Netflix movie won’t be a problem either?
In other words, I feel I can live without a computer from now on (desktop/laptop).

But, is it possible, and/or easy to step over from Google/Android to iOS?
While staying a Google/Android guy?

And can you give me all, known to you, pros and cons of doing this switch?

Thanks in advance!

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I’m an Android baby who has NO desire to switch!!! Have you considered the Samsung Note??? Other than that, the best I can tell you is that my BFF & her hubby are both Android & iPad users. I’m sure there is a learning curve; however, she loves her iPad & she is one of the pickiest people I know!!! IF there is a way to find fault with something, she will find it. I’ve never heard her complain about how awful her iPad was. My brother is an Apple baby & won’t even consider an Android. Personally, I think I’d check out the Note series & stick with Android!!! I love my Samsung S8 & they make an S8+ which is a bit larger than the S8. The S9/S9+ will be coming out soon & the S10 around March. IF you like the + line, you won’t even need to carry an extra gadget as your phone will do almost ALL of it. Just saying!!!

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Our resident alien will have some kind of apoplectic event just reading your Q, @rebbel. ;-)

Personally, I like the Apple platform, I find the quality to be very high and the interface intuitive and much easier to negotiate. I have an iPhone and an iPad, love them both.

But I am old, now, and easier and clearer in any electronic thing is more appealing to me.

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@LadyMarissa You make very valid points, which I hadn’t really considered.
The reason, maybe, I hadn’t, is because I’m looking for bigger screen estate than 7, 8 inches.
Looking more for around 10, 11, 12.
I want to have my photos big on screen for editing.
By the way, I don’t know how bright iPads go…

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@canidmajor Loli?
Is the question confusing?
Sincere inquiry.

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You can make the switch, but you will find it constraining and frustrating.

Androids are for creative and thinking people. Apple products are for people who require an external framework because they cannot think for themselves.

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@elbanditoroso For example, can I use my Gmail app (or better, my whole Google account) on an iPad?
Do I need to make an Apple account?

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I use gmail on my iPad.

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@rebbel – Yes to Gmail and Google stuff

Do you need an Apple account? You don’t NEED one, but there may be some advantages to having one – backups and iPad updates, for one. You can start it but not use it.

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I guess what it boils down to is: can I only/just buy Apple’s hardware, and leave it at that.
No more shananigans with Cupertino than that.

@elbanditoroso Thank you, that is loud and clear!
@canidmajor Thank you too!
@LadyMarissa And you too!

If there are Jellies with even more suggestions, and/or pros and cons on the switch; be my guest!

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You could also get a Surface Pro from Microsoft.

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Not sure if you’ve considered it, but Chromebooks are a great option. I have a Samsung Chromebook Pro. It converts to tablet mode (360 degree rotating screen), has a built-in stylus and also runs Android apps. There are a number of newer Chromebooks that have these features, with the expensive Google Pixelbook being the top of the line. You can also run Linux apps on many of them.

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I am an Apple-ite, from when the decision was Apple vs MS Windows. That was an easy decision, because I wanted something that worked.

I love my iPad, and use it for watching Netflix and amazon Prime on airplanes.

I think your biggest concern mught be app portability. The iOS app universe is different from the Android app universe, and you generally can’t copy the android version to an iPad. You’ll need an Apple ID and Apple account for the Apple App Store.

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Hrmmm, more options, more possible choices….
Good suggestions, guys, thanks!
I will have a look in these too, to see whether they fit my circumstances.

(I forgot to mention that I have a budget, which is max. $550)

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Huawei makes a pad, too.

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Look at Samsung Tablet S4 with WiFi 256GB, get the keyboard option.

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@rebbel Since you need a larger screen which I can totally understand, I regrouped & came up with some better Android Info Since I use my laptop at home & my S8 on the go, I didn’t realize that Samsung had offered the Tab 4. I have been following Saki for years & he has ALWAYS given me good advice. I love his side by side comparisons so the user can understand what is most important to them!!! This video is only about 13 minutes long & has some GREAT info in it!!! Good luck no matter what you decide to do!!!

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I have two very creative IT sons, one of whom works for Google. The other son, despite red bandit’s snark, is an Apple aficionado. I think you will love an iPad but i use it in addition to my desktop. You would probably want to buy a keyboard if you are using it much for input.

The learning curve is very short and watching videos on it is great.

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I’ve been reading and viewing on the subject(s), and I have come to the conclusion that the Samsungs are too expensive (for me), the iPad is priced good, but uses four year old hardware, and has other disadvantages (hardware wise, or so some reviewers told me).
So for now, I’m thinking of going for the Huawei Mediapad M5.
300 Euro, good sound, pretty good screen, Android.
And I like someone watching over me when I’m browsing and editing :-)

Thanks, all!

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