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What is your favorite type of ethnic dancing? What do you like about it?

Asked by tabbycat (1808points) August 22nd, 2008
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Faroese Dance

PS:Have to point out I typed this on my iPhone after coming home from the pub….I’m quite proud if it works!

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The Israeli round dances. Here is an “Extreme” example.

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Messianic Jewish praise and worship dance.
Because I love the way they dance as innocent humble children worshiping at the same time.

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seVen: again, see my link ^^.

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Bellydance. Many varieties. I just love it.

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gailcalled nice :)
youtube messianic dance its cool too

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SeVen: check out this less restricted view. The steps are easy, the words simple, the melody joyous and if you make a mistake, so, nu?

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It’s a toss up between flamenco and tango.

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I prefer most of the African Tribal Fertility Dances, because only the women do them, and all are topless.

May Gawd bless the National Geographic Society!

August 22, 2008, 7:34 PM EDT

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The kind with the food buffet on the other side of the hall….everybody is dancing, so there’s no line….

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Tough question. I love it all! I quite like east indian dancing. Newer, Bollywood-style AND classical. There are so many kinds!

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