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What have you decided to let go of this year?

Asked by janbb (54570points) January 3rd, 2019

I’ve decided to let go of caring so much about an unhealthy family relationship. I’m also trying to let go of unproductive outrage.

And you?

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My love handles….
Bye bye, bubbly bulges!

Bravo, Jan!

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Good on you Jan!

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I have decided been forced to let go of my identity as a guitar player. I am still a musician, but my guitar skills have been sorely limited by a physical disability.

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@Strauss That’s sad. I’m sorry. Aging sucks sometimes.

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Thanks, Jan. Yeah, I know. Medically it’s known as a cervical foramenal stenosis. Regular explanation: Bulging spinal discs in my neck are making my left arm numb, and slowing my reflexes in my fingers of my left hand.

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Letting people get me angry on Fluther.

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I’m letting go of McDonald’s hash browns….unless that makes @Caravanfan angry….

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@Dutchess_III Just put them in your dutch oven.

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You got a thing for my…..oh. Better not say that!

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I’m giving up booze this year. I don’t generally drink too much but I’m getting old and I notice even a moderate amount affects me the next day. I’m also off my ideal weight by about 15–20 pounds so the calorie reduction there should more or less take care of it.

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My husband as he was dangling from the window.

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@Caravanfan Good luck with that. Your passion is pretty cool, whether we agree or not.

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@KNOWITALL Oh, I’m not going to lighten up. I just don’t let the negative ninnies bother me.

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Hm, unhealthy family relationship, right?
I hope you feel the same way as I did when I let mine go as well.

2019, I didn’t let go anything yet.
I think that I already let go everything I could years ago.
Anything that goes away by now is going to be spontaneous.

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@ragingloli My husband as he was dangling from the window.

Born in Prague, utterly indefenestratable but with a fondness for kafkaesque dangling.

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Let go…let go, hmmm…ooh, I know.
Staff, yes i’m afraid we shall have to let some of them go.

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@ucme oh – that is sad! Will you have to tie your own shoes? :-)

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@janbb Good lord no, can you imagine? ;-}
No, we will of course replace those ejected from the estate with, well let’s just call them cheaper :D

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I am slowly starting to get rid of stuff – broken things that I thought I could fix, things that I have been moving for decades but never using,
Ii pitched a couple of things already. It’s a drop in the ocean.

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Oh! I’m doing that too! But mainly it’s stuff that Rick wouldn’t let go of, and kept hanging on and hanging on to for no reason. I finally got the go ahead to start moving it out!

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